How are We Opening the Outdoors for Everyone?

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Outdoor Vitals stands out for two big reasons. Quality gear and affordable cost, but how do we make that possible? Tayson Whittaker (President and Founder of Outdoor Vitals.) Enjoyed getting outdoors and going lightweight backpacking in college, but the cost of quality gear was out of reach. Instead of buying bulky cheap gear, he decided to pave a new trail in the way backpacking gear is purchased. That trail turned into a company, and is now known as Outdoor Vitals.

If you're sick of the high retail markup cost of outdoor equipment, take a look at where we sell high end gear at affordable pricing. Many people assume that low priced gear must translate to low quality, but that's simply not the case. Our low pricing is built into our business plan, and our commitment to open the outdoors for everyone.

Who says you need to break the bank to achieve comfort in the outdoors? Not us. We sell premium quality down sleeping products, that both keep you toasty, and leave cash in your wallet to burn.

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Living Ultralight is not just about the lowest pack weight. It's about more enjoyable experiences!

Tayson Whittaker