Outdoor Vitals

Ultralight Complete Hammock System

What if hammocks & suspensions systems didn't have to weigh 2+ pounds? Well, they don't! The Outdoor Vitals Ultralight Solo Hammock packages together the lightest weight suspension system with premium materials to offer a 14 oz (.88 pound) full hammock system!

Many people are switching to hammock camping to save weight, but do not realize that if you buy the wrong hammock system, they might not be saving weight at all. The goal of any camper should be to shave weight when they can to enjoy the outdoors more.

The Outdoor Vitals Ultralight Solo Hammock does just that. Weighing in under a pound and taking up only 7 x 4 inches in your pack, you hardly even know you have it with you! We designed the hammock system to utilize the strongest, lightest fabrics possible. Dyneema™ rope is widely known for its extreme strength to weight ratios. Threading this into a whoopie sling creates the perfect mix of ultralight and fully adjustable! The polyester seat belt fabric tree huggers are low impact for any trees you're hanging from, but remain extremely tough to handle the bark of some of those old trees. Aluminum carabiners were sourced specifically for their strength to weight ratios and allow for easy setup. Nylon ripstop fabric offers extreme strength and comfort which allows us to cut even more weight! All of this stuffs easily into the attached stuff sack (including the suspension)!

Solo: 7.6 oz (13.3 oz with suspension and carabiners)

Solo Plus: 9.5 oz (15.4 oz total)

Double: 1 lb 0.3 oz (1 lb 7 oz total)

Slings: 1.3 oz

Straps: 3 oz

Carabiners: 1.4 oz (double- 2.5 oz)


Extremely compact and lightweight

Quick set up with our included suspension system

Ultralight fully adjustable suspension system giving you 8-10 feet of adjustment

Durable tree straps last longer without replacement

Premium fabric cuts weight and retains strength

Ultralight carabiners included

1% Goes To Help Others!

Warning: Never hang higher than 18 inches off the ground


  • Compact Size: 7" x 5" (entire system in stuff sack)
  • Whoopie Sling: 7/64 inch dyneema™
  • Strap: 1" x 6' double looped polyester tree strap
  • Fabric: (Solo & Solo Plus: 40 Denier Ripston Nylon, triple stitched) (Double: 75 Denier Ripstop Nylon, triple stitched)
  • Carabiner: Wire gate high grade aluminum carabiner
  • Rating: (Solo & Solo Plus: 300 lbs) (Double: 400 lbs) when used properly
  • Size: (Solo: 9' x 4') (Solo Plus: 10' x 4.75') (Double: 11' x 6')
  • Warranty: Outdoor Vitals Performance Promise

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Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Great hammock

I take this hammock on every hike
Mid way through the day I set it up, relax and read my book then pack up in less than 5 minutes and finish my hike
I really like how easy it is to hang, the Whoopi’s slings are incredible and I didn’t think the straps were long enough but they are (even on big trees)
OV includes everything you need to enjoy it
Like all of OV’s products, they’ve spent allot of time thinking item’s through, so I don’t have to.
Thank you for a great hammock

Raymond Garrison

It's great. Lightweight.

ken young
Great hammock system!

I have many of OV's products (mummy pod, bug net, underquilt, Loftek jacket, pillow), so I was comfortable with ordering their hammock system. Once this crazy winter subsides, I'll be anxious to try it out.

Wes Bradshaw

Fun little rig. Simple to use and once you find your sweet spot you don’t want to get up. 100 times more comfortable than any tent.

Wes Bradshaw
Impressive for

Impressive product for what little we’re paying. I ordered the -15 degrees bag, hammock system and hammock bug net. Set up was easy to learn, the finger trap actually does work and adjusts like a charm with just a little squeeze of the fingertips. I love the black and charcoal color schemes. Handsome and easy to carry!