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Oblivion Sleeping Pad - Limited Run

Getting good sleep on the trail isn’t a “bonus” in the backcountry.

It’s absolutely necessary for your mind to be alert and for you to be fully present during your adventures. A comfortable sleeping pad is one of the most important items to help you get the rest you need.

The Oblivion Sleeping Pad is a more comfortable 3 season pad that will help you sleep better in the outdoors without carrying extra weight! 

The 3 inch thick tufted I-beam cushion construction will keep your shoulders and hips off the ground whether you’re a side sleeper or if you sleep on your back. 

So what about insulation?

Multi-layer reflective insulation gives the pad an R-Value of 3.5 (ASTM R-value Standard) - perfect for 3 season adventures! But we didn’t stop there. We’ve added a reflective top fabric to help you retain as much of your own body heat as possible!  

What this means is that you get a sleeping pad that’s warmer, more comfortable, & lightweight! You can sleep better in the backcountry without having to carry extra pounds with you!

Name: Oblivion - this name comes from the concept that the sleeping pad is so comfortable that you’ll be blissfully unaware of the waking world once you lay down to sleep at night. The tufted design, thickness, and 3.5 R-Value all combine to keep you more comfortable on your backcountry adventures!

Regular: 22.3 oz

Long: 29.3 oz

Inflation sack: 1.7 oz


Tufted I-Beam Cushioning - makes the pad more comfortable and will keep you shoulders & hips off the ground

Included Inflation Sack - makes it easier for you to inflate the pad without getting light headed or out of breath.  This also prevents moisture from getting inside the pad from your breath.

Quick Inflate/Deflate Valve - holds air well & increases ease and speed of inflation & deflation  This also allows the user to release small amounts of air to get the right softness without risking loss of all the air.

Multi-layer Reflective Insulation -keeps you warmer so you can sleep better at night

Heat Reflective Top Fabric - helps you retain more of your body heat, increasing the warmth & comfort of the pad

Small Compression Size - allows you to easily fit the pad in your pack without it taking up valuable space

Size options are regular and long wide.


  • Top Fabric: 20 Denier Nylon (reflective)
  • Bottom Fabric: 20 Denier Nylon
  • R-Value: 3.5 (ASTM F3340)
  • Thickness: 3 inches
  • Insulation: Polyester filament insulation with foil (multi-layer reflective insulation)
  • Size (Regular): 21 inches wide by 72 inches
    Size (LongWide): 25 inches wide by 76 inches
  • Color: arctic top, arctic bottom
  • Warranty: Outdoor Vitals Performance Promise


Oblivion Sleeping Pad Q&A


Oblivion Sleeping Pad Deep Dive

ASTM R-Value Standard

3.5 R-Value

In the past, brands made up their own systems for R-Values. But in 2019 the ASTM standard was set up so that consumers could compare "apples to apples." The Oblivion pad is rated according to this ASTM standard.

The Oblivion Pad

Tufted I-Beam Cushioning

More Comfort = Better Sleep

The Tufted I-Beam Cushion technology built into the Oblivion helps to distribute your weight on the pad for increased comfort.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Wyatt Warrington
Great value

Good pad, quiet and decent r-value.


Still need to use it. Thanks.

Thru hiker dream

This is a follow up to a review when I first received it. After deflatind another pad I have that’s now a loaner, I’m more impressed with this OV mat. If you are somewhere different every night, you will save a lot of time packing up when your pad deflated as quickly as this one. Best I’ve ever used!

Brent Bate
I still need to use it

But I like the valve on it. I have a lightweight pump it blow it up faster than I thought. I lay down on it it was great. I just need to take it for a test drive. Thanks


I gave my first one to my niece who now has Girl Scouts. I love this pad. Comfy, and I am a 270lb hiker.