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In this new video series, we will be showing you some exciting new advancements in our product lines. We are not known for standing still in our industry, and enjoy acting on feedback we receive from tribe members. We've listened to you, and are preparing to update our product lines for FALL 2017. This video will take a look at our higher end down insulation. This insulation is found in premium bags such as the summit line, MummyPod, and Aerie line. Keep an eye out for the next two videos, as we will be going over advancements in our synthetic materials, and our affordable down products. Thanks for watching. As always, let us know if we missed any info, or if you have suggestions for the future. Thank you all tribe members who continue to contribute great ideas, suggestions and feedback. We are planning on being on business for a long time, and appreciate your help in fulfilling that plan.

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Tayson Whittaker