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Ever since March of 2020, there has been a boom of interest in getting outside more to enjoy time in Mother Nature. The most effective way to have a great experience outdoors is having the right gear! 

Being poorly equipped can ruin an adventure more quickly than almost anything...

This past year, we've developed new ultralight performance gear using innovative technologies that will ensure you have the BEST experience possible while staying comfortable & confident on the trail!

Whether you're shopping for a new jacket, tent, or sleeping bag, this list of 2022 new releases is definitely something you should consider. 

It's truly AMAZING what innovations can be created or discovered in just the space of a few months, so keep reading to find out about some of the newest capabilities in gear: 


Tern Merino Wool Sun Hoodie & Tee

Release: March 2022

The Tern Ultralight Merino Wool Shirt is a hot weather top (also great as a base layer in cold weather) that has excellent moisture wicking, comfort, sun protection, & quick drying abilities. It's odor and bacteria resistant, with adequate durability for the ultralight weight. 

One of the coolest innovations used in the Tern Hoodie & Tee is the unique way the merino wool is spun. 

Instead of the usual twist that many manufacturers use to create wool yarn, the wool we use from NuYarn is created by almost doing more of a braiding thing.  This increases the durability of the yarn and allows it to dry faster and maintain more volume or loft.

There is no hardware, adding to the simplicity and decreasing weight.  The Tern is a high performance piece for high activity.

The natural odor resistant & ultralight properties of merino wool make the shirt perfect for travel, running, hiking, and everyday use.

Use the Tern on warm days to shield yourself from the sun without overheating, or use it as a base layer in colder temps and take advantage of the merino wool next to skin.

Learn More about the Tern Hoodie

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Summit Down Sleeping Bag 2022 Redesign

Release: April 2022

This ultralight down sleeping bag compresses well and weighs very little. It's the perfect piece of gear to keep you warm on all your adventures without weighing you down or taking up too much space in your pack! 

Not only has the Summit been our flagship product for years, but the new & improved '22 redesign includes better fabrics, a more optimized differential cut, & optimized down fill.

Other updates include: increased depth & volume in the head area, dialed in baffle height for better loft, slightly more room throughout, an anatomically tapered footbox for more comfort, & an anti-snag ribbon behind the anti-snag YKK zipper!

What's more, a Roll-top Dry Bag & Storage Bag are included - giving you a better experience before, during, & after your trips!

The updates all contribute to high performance on all levels: warmth, weight, water resistance, stitch quality, & more. We didn't cut any corners, & did not focus on an end price goal while redesigning these sleeping bags. All that mattered is accomplishing the purposes of the sleeping bag even better than before!

Learn More about the Summit


Tushar Rain Jacket

Release: July 2022

The Tushar Rain Jacket is confidently durable, super lightweight, & waterproof for extended use - not just quick storms.

This is truly a rain jacket you can rely on for the long haul.

We've utilized different membranes in fabric that have been mapped to cover the correct parts of your torso for optimized breathability & all day waterproofing. This will help prevent pressure areas (such as where a backpack or shoulder straps sit) from getting saturated even if the DWR treatment eventually wears away, and will still allow other areas to breath -all while keeping you completely dry!

This means you get a rain jacket you can always rely on.

The Tushar Rain Jacket is both ultralight & confidently durable. You will hardly feel the mere ounces, but the fabric gives you confidence that it won't immediately tear if you brush by a branch or bush.

We've also included a 3D half layer on the interior of the fabric, which keeps the membrane off your skin so it doesn't feel clammy like other rain jackets. This 3D interior also helps the rain jacket maintain more breathability. This half layer is also part of what makes the Tushar so lightweight!

Learn More about the Tushar


Altitude Synthetic Hoodie

Release: July 2022


The Altitude was built for those that push further, climb higher, & don’t take no for an answer. Its near weightlessness  (Just 4 oz size Large!) & breathability combined with a thoughtful design will keep you comfortable whether you’re trail running, hiking, or in almost any other outdoor setting. 

As far as we are aware, the Altitude is the lightest weight sun hoodie available!

The name "Altitude" comes from the need to protect ourselves from some nasty sunburns, especially at high elevations. One of the significant tests we put the Altitude Sun Hoodie through was when we backpacked the Uinta Highline Trail, a trail the stretches over 100 miles with 80% of those miles above 10,000 ft! It performed exceptionally well, & we came to rely on the Altitude for adventures afterwards!

One thing you’ll notice right away is how well the Altitude manages moisture for you. The performance synthetic fabric wicks moisture from your skin & dries incredibly quickly! 

This means the Altitude can also be used year round as a base layer! The fit should be athletic, but not tight or restrictive- this allows the synthetic blend to more effectively manage & wick away moisture.

The ultralight fabric will shield you from the sun without causing you to overheat so you can keep adventuring day-in & day-out without any sensitive skin. The high collar will give you max coverage, even when your hood is down!

The Altitude Hoodie is perfect for high activity. No hardware. No frills. Just pure performance.

Learn More about the Altitude


KotaUL Travel & Adventure Backpack

Release: July 2022


The KotaUL Ultralight Travel & Adventure Backpack brings a new meaning to "ultralight adventure travel". No longer do you have to separate bags for different trips! Take the KotaUL Backpack from the terminal straight to the trail without blinking twice. This pack was built for incredible versatility & all-day comfort.

Utilizing our special Spectra ripstop fabric we were able to cut incredible weights while retaining top of industry durability and strength! From there we added a 22 inch frame to transfer the load from your shoulders to your hips for ultimate comfort all day long. This means no more sore shoulders after long airport lines! It means freeing comfort while hiking on the trail!

The modular design allows you to remove the frame and remove & adjust your hip belt to fit the weight and goals of your trip.

Perhaps the most important part of the pack is the organization and access we have been able to provide while keeping the pack ultralight! Multiple zipper pulls give you access to the entirety of your pack without unloading everything! Volumized pockets throughout the different compartments give you plenty of flex space to store all your gear! Volumized side pockets can hold large water bottles, or be left unzipped to put taller objects inside & use the detachable accessory straps to secure to the side of your pack!

A raised & padded laptop sleeve ensures that your computer will never touch the ground, even when you set your pack down!

Start experiencing your travels more light and comfortable now with the newest game-changing backpack available! No more compromising, no more uncomfortable travel packs!

Learn More about the KotaUL


Fortius 1 Person & 2 Person Trekking Pole Tents

Release: August 2022

This tent is meant for the wild & intense adventures, not just the mild sunny meadows (although it will work GREAT there too!)

When we set out to design the trekking pole tent, we wanted to make something truly ultralight, & definitely much more lightweight than freestanding tents - which require tent poles. However, many ultralight trekking pole tents already available just don’t hold up in some of the environments that we often find ourselves in, such as on the Uinta Highline Trail in the middle of a violent wind, snow, & lightning storm. 

So we made a more versatile trekking pole tent that is actually ‘storm worthy’, giving you more options for pitching when it comes to direction, site selection, and reinforcement against the elements. With multiple “storm points” around the tent and extra-long detachable stake lines, you can customize the set up of your tent to really handle any of your adventures. 

We chose Nylon due to it's extra strength over polyester. To reach our target weight and performance goals we chose this vs a 20D or heavier polyester with similar strength. In our own field testing, simply setting up your tent and then retensioning it 20-30 minutes later has solved any potential sagging issues that Nylon is commonly known for. We recommend using the head and foot guy out points for added livable space. This also helps with any kind of sagging.

Not only that, but we made sure the Fortius had plenty of usable space, with large protective vestibules by the doors to keep your pack & other gear sheltered and safe WITHOUT leaving you feeling claustrophobic inside your tent. You can sit up fully and feel totally comfortable while laying down. No fabric right in your face!

Learn More about the Fortius 1 Person Tent

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Vario Ultralight Jacket

Release: October 2022

The Vario Jacket brings a new meaning to "ultralight backpacking". No longer do you have to sacrifice warmth to get a lower pack weight!

Utilizing innovative 3DeFX Insulation we were able to create an ultralight jacket while retaining high warmth value and body-mapped breathability! 100% of our materials are sourced & created by Toray. We know where everything came from on a molecular level! That means there are no impurities in the recycled insulation fibers. Every part of it is planned & recycled purposefully.

This 50% recycled 3DeFX insulation has 0% performance & durability degradation! These recycled fibers will last just as long, stay just as lofty, and keep you just as warm! Sustainability at its finest!

Both the 3DeFX insulation and durable Ripstop Nylon fabric of the hoodie stretch with you as you move. This causes tiny coils (much like trampoline springs) to expand- allowing more heat to escape and the hoodie to breathe with you when you need it. When the jacket fabric and insulation aren't being stretched with your motion, these coils contract and create an incredible amount of loft and warmth!

An unobtrusive insulated hood and lightweight coating on the exterior fabric give the Vario Jacket the ability to also act as a great wind breaker with amazing temperature control!

You can compress this jacket almost down to the size of a grapefruit, so between the ultralight weight and amazing packability, you'll have no problem taking this with you on any adventure. You'll never be left high and dry without a warm layer again!

Finally, the Vario Jacket is actually soft & comfortable. Many ultralight fabrics feel sticky or clammy to the touch. But the soft interior of the Vario will make you WANT to put it on.

Learn More about the Vario


All About Performance...

Each of these 2022 new gear releases were built & designed with ultralight performance in mind. 

To us, it doesn't matter what a new item costs to make. What matters to us is that it does the best job at accomplishing the task it's designed to do! 

Why is that important?

Some companies look to fill a price tier in their product line.  They say, "Oh look, we don't have a $75 item for those that don't want to spend as much on our more premium products." and then they make something to fit that price point.   

That approach results in products that are less reliable, less durable, and in our opinion - not worth creating in the first place. 

So we just focus on performance!  

Let the price be what it will be.  We know it will be worth whatever it costs, because our gear is something that can truly be relied on. 


Learn more in-depth about our 2022 gear releases by clicking the links above, & keep your eye out for more amazing technology in gear during 2023!

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