What Does "Live Ultralight" Mean?

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Nicole Gramstad


We live in a world where we are accustomed to safety and comfortability. We seek out material things to ensure a sense of luxury wherever we go. Big cozy homes with too many things offer a transient sense of satisfaction. It’s a compulsive and deceptive urge - overconsumption. And because of this sense of illusory abundance, the results inevitably lead to a growing pile of unnecessary things topped with stress and strain. Many times we buy something new for every occasion, but when heading out for those long, multi-day trips, it’s unrealistic to bring something for every circumstance.

‘Live Ultralight’ extends beyond the creation of lightweight, premium gear. Outdoor Vitals’ story is exemplary in reducing the quantity of what we own while enhancing its quality. Top name outdoor brands may look cool, but what’s even cooler than walking around with a popular brand name patch to show off, is saving money, acquiring the same high-value product, and without dropping an ethically sourced standard. By directly selling to the consumer online, you can save hundreds of dollars in retail store markups.

I have found myself preparing for an extensive backcountry trip trying to determine exactly what to pack and how I would manage it all. The expansion of hammock camping has peaked the interest of millions of outdoor enthusiasts. Between the compatibility of a hammock to its versatility, the spike of its use is anything but questionable. But when I am heading out for a terrain that is completely new or unknown to me, I am conflicted on what to bring. I ask myself, “are there going to be trees at the right height and distance to hang up my hammock?”, or “will I be warm enough?”. Outdoor Vitals StormLOFT Down MummyPod sleeping bag solves of all of these concerns. The MummyPod can easily switch from a full mummy sleeping bag to a system that has the capability to fully insulate a hammock. Designed with the StormLOFT 800 fill power of Hydrophobic Down, this ensures reliable warmth and loft, even in adverse weather conditions. There’s no longer the need to try to stuff a tent, sleeping bag, hammock, and a top and bottom quilt in your pack. Responsibly sourced and crafted with confidence, the MummyPod is a piece of gear that fuels and empowers any outdoor adventure.

Fewer obstacles make getting outside to experiencing the profound impact it harnesses, so much easier and more enjoyable. With a lighter, less bulky pack, you can finally take off on that hike you’ve been planning on doing for months. With the money you saved on less material things, you can finally accumulate more experiences. Comfortability does not need to be achieved by having a lot of things. Instead, less, higher quality, more versatile gear clears up room in your house, your mind, and your schedule. Regardless of the time of year, Outdoor Vitals brings you closer to the things and adventures that matter most.




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