3 Day Fastpack Gear Loadout

The Skyline Trail

The Skyline Trail is a high elevation trail located in the Tushar Mountain Range near Beaver in Southern Utah. Last summer, the OV crew successfully fastpacked through the entire route, covering over 62 miles and about 10,000 feet of elevation gain in 3 days.

Here is Tyler’s (VP of Operations) entire ultralight packing list for the trip; perhaps it can inspire you on your future fastpacking trips:

3 Day Fastpack Gear Loadout

15°F StormLoft Down TopQuilt - 1 lb 7 oz

Insulated Sleeping Pad - 16 oz

Inflatable Pillow - 3 oz

Trekking Pole Tent Prototype - 39 oz

Katadyn BeFree 1L Filter - 2 oz

First Aid Kit - 3.7 oz

Sunscreen - 1.2 oz

Repel 100 Bug Spray - 1.1 oz

Energizer Headlamp - 3 oz

6 Uses TP - 0.3 oz

Water Bladder - 6 oz

Hat - 2.9 oz

Fastpacking Backpack - 15.6 oz

Peak Refuel Meals (x6) - 2 lbs

Gerber Dime Multitool - 2.3 oz

Altra Trail Runner Shoes - 11.1 oz

Ventus Active Hoodie - 7 oz

Mini Lighter - 0.4 oz

Miady 5000mah Battery - 4.1 oz

Rain Jacket - 22 oz

Gloves - 1.4 oz

Extra Socks - 1.2 oz

Cascade Trekking Poles - 17.2 oz

BASE WEIGHT: 7.82 lbs

*note, this does not include items like shoes, trekking poles, etc. that were not put in the pack


The Hardline Challenge

The Skyline Trail expedition was the 4th stage of The Hardline Challenge. If you want to learn more about the trip, we made a whole video about it that you’re sure to enjoy. Thunderstorms, hail, angry landowners and all:


To learn more about the Hardline Challenge, click here: The Hardline Challenge


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Any snakes or stove???

judy lee June 09, 2022

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