Outdoor Vitals Pillow

Outdoor Vitals Pillow

 Did you know that most backpackers & campers get poor sleep not because of bad sleeping bags, but because of other essentials? 

 We've all had that experience on the trail where we tossed and turned all night. It could be because of the cold, or just general discomfort. While having a good sleeping bag is important, other factors are actually the culprit of a bad night more often than we may realize. 


Secrets To A Better Night's Sleep

 There are a few secrets that we would like to give away to you for free here that will help you get a better night's sleep. The end goal is to help you enjoy your adventures more fully with gear you can rely on.

Secret #1: Use a Pillow

 Think about it this way: when you're at home sleeping in your bed, would you ever wad up your jacket under your head and expect it to be as comfortable as your pillow? Of course not!  So expecting that same crumpled jacket to be comfortable out on the trail just doesn't make sense!  

 Using a backpacking pillow can help you get a deeper sleep, giving your more energy to keep hiking the next day. That makes the extra few ounces (the Outdoor Vitals' Pillow weighs just 2.5 oz!) you have to carry in your pack more than worth it. 

Secret #2: Not All Backpacking Pillows Are Equal

 The backpacking gear world is saturated with pillows: down-filled pillows, inflatable pillows, foldable or stuffable pillows, and more. But there are a number of problems with many of these pillows.

 A lot of pillows are bulky and take up a hefty amount of space in your pack. Most inflatable pillows are rubbery and super noisy and uncomfortable as the pillow slides around your pad at night. Some of these pillows aren't shaped to fit your neck and head very well and are actually more uncomfortable than your jacket! 

Secret #3: The Outdoor Vitals Pillow solves these problems

 The Outdoor Vitals Pillow overcomes many of these problems and gives you the freedom of getting some good rest on your adventures.  It weighs just 2.4 oz, and packs up in a pouch that's the size of your palm. This means that you no longer have to worry about fitting your gear inside your pack, and you can get a good night's sleep! You won't even notice it's there until you need it. 

 The Outdoor Vitals Pillow also has a unique shape that fits your neck and cradles your head, or if you are a side sleeper, it has just the right curve to go around your shoulder, with a cut-out in the middle so your ear is never feeling smashed!

 The best part is, the Outdoor Vitals pillow is made with a soft stretch fabric that feels a lot like your sheets at home. It stretches and conforms to your head, neck, and shoulders for maximum comfort. You can even adjust the firmness of the pillow with the large inflation valve! The Outdoor Vitals pillow only takes 2 and a half breaths to fully inflate. 

Outdoor Vitals Pillow: Live Ultralight

 At Outdoor Vitals, we believe in Living Ultralight. That means simplifying your life and gear to allow you to do and accomplish more. It's a mindset of having confidence in your gear and what you really need, enabling you to leave behind what you don't. By doing that you can feel more light and free on the trail and have much more enjoyable experiences.

 The Outdoor Vitals pillow helps you to do just that. Whether you are a backpacker, car camper, or traveler, the Outdoor Vitals pillow will significantly impact the sleep you get at night. It can fit in your pocket and hardly weighs a thing! Below you can see an overview of the features of the Outdoor Vitals pillow.

 With a reliable pillow that you know will be comfortable and help you sleep at the end of the day, you can forego other more bulky or heavy options, and free up your pack. You can be confident in getting quality rest each night so you'll have energy to keep going the next day. 

 Start living ultralight now by grabbing the Outdoor Vitals pillow now. It's the best ultralight pillow option on the market!

 Don't let discomfort and sleepless nights keep you from maximizing your time on your adventures!

 Grab your Outdoor Vitals Ultralight Stretch Pillow now and sleep well from here on out. 


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Pillow is great. Slept a lot better with it instead using my pack. IA pillow is a must have for a good nights sleep. The carry size is perfect too, compacts down to the size of a baseball and is a lot lighter.

Scott Howard September 08, 2021

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