Summit Series StormLOFT™ Down Sleeping Bag

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Customer Reviews

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too narrow

This seems like a good bag overall and the loft is amazingly high and it is a very warm bag. I was using it around the house for a few days after I got it but I never really zipped it up all the way. I decided to test it in the back yard on a cold night (25F) before my next backpacking trip in a couple of weeks. I immediately found that this bag is made for narrow shouldered, skinny people. If you have any size to you at all, this is not the bag for you. Once my arms were inside and I was all zipped up, I literally couldn't move. I'm 5'10" and about 225 lbs, (kind of stocky). I woke up more than once feeling trapped inside. On top of that, since I stretched the upper part of the bag out at the top, it couldn't fully loft itself which meant the cold crept in around my arms and chest. I made it all night but I am going to have to gift this to my son or send it back as I can't use it.

Epic bag

really good quality and really warm used it in the high 20s, heads up tho,little bulkier than expected

Sarah Neufeld
Warm but leaks down consistently

I purchased the 0 degree bag about three years ago, and it would leak down constantly. After a little over a year, I contacted OV and they replaced the bag. I have used the new bag for about 1.5 years, and it is still leaking down (though not quite as quickly as the first). This wouldn't matter, but I am reaching the point when it is no longer as warm as it once was. The bag was very warm, but at this rate I am going to have to replace it again, which doesn't really save me any money. Bummer.

Chris Cudia
Buy it

Quality ultralight gear has become spendy and it kind of irks me. Destination shouldn't always be limited by ones wallet. OV’s quality and value provides us (financial mortals) with access to those remote locals- without a second mortgage. This bag is awesome. From winter in Death Valley to 25 degree nights at 12000 feet in the southern Rockies, this bag has kept me toasty. Not “survival” warm. Deep sleep toasty warm. The quality, performance, and value, is without equal. OV apparently wants us all to explore. So what are you waiting for?

James B
This sleeping bag is great for cold weather camping!

Have the 0 degree Summit model and used it the other night in 26 F weather and stayed very warm in it. Can't wait to use it more this winter to see how warm it will keep me in 0 degree coldness. I like that the bag is roomy inside and not too tight which is good for layering. It's nice that it also packs small, is light weight and fits in my backpack and kayak with no problems. Looking forward to many years of camping with this sleeping bag!