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The Live Ultralight Membership

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Live Ultralight Membership



Like a Savings Account For Gear...



When you join the Live Ultralight Membership, you get your $10 subscription back as store credit! And it never expires!

You not only get discounts, access to limited edition gear, and free priority shipping, but you get it without losing any money! Then, when you're ready to buy more gear, your store credit will be waiting for you.


  • How much is the monthly subscription?

$10 for discounts year round, free priority shipping, and access to limited edition gear. And you even get that $10 back immediately as store credit!

  • How much do I get back as store credit?

100% of your monthly subscription. You get $10 per month as store credit for as long as you are subscribed!

  • Does my store credit expire if I unsubscribe?

Nope. Even if you unsubscribe at any time, you can always access and use your store credit.


At Least 10% Off Year Round...

Members receive 10% off orders all year for anything on our site, and an even bigger discount than the rest of the public during sales!


In addition to discounts on literally anything, you get Free Priority Shipping. Yep, even during our busiest holiday periods! You can get your gear faster and for less as a Live Ultralight Member!




Early Access & Limited Edition Gear

Get early access to new releases, and take advantage of the limited edition products and colors available to members only!

Members can join an exclusive Facebook Group and get regular updates on insider information.They have access to new releases before anyone else, and can also buy limited editions and colors of gear!


  • Can I still get updates and early access if I don't use Facebook?

Absolutely! We also email all Live Ultralight Members to keep them updated and give them early access in case they don't check Facebook.

  • If I unsubscribe do I still get early access and limited edition gear and colors?

No, but your store credit will still be available to you no matter what since it never expires!



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