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Fortius 1p Trekking Pole Backpacking Tent

Fortius: the name is reminiscent of "refuge" & "stronghold."  The Fortius Trekking Pole Tent is your ultimate refuge in the wild for intense adventures. Designed to surpass the limitations of traditional trekking pole tents, the Fortius is engineered to withstand the harshest conditions, from violent winds to pouring rain and lightning storms. Here's why it's the perfect companion for your rugged backcountry excursions:

  • Storm-Worthy Design: Unlike other ultralight trekking pole tents, the Fortius is truly storm-worthy. With multiple "storm points" and extra-long detachable stake lines, you have the flexibility to reinforce your shelter against the elements and pitch it in any direction, providing unparalleled protection in extreme environments.
  • Durable Nylon Construction: Crafted from durable nylon, the Fortius offers superior strength over a similar weight polyester. Our field testing has proven that minor sagging issues commonly associated with nylon can be easily resolved by retensioning the tent after initial setup, ensuring optimal performance throughout your adventure.
  • Spacious and Comfortable: Enjoy ample livable space with a large protective vestibule by the door to keep your gear sheltered and secure. Sit up fully and rest comfortably without feeling claustrophobic, thanks to the Fortius' thoughtful design that prioritizes usable space and comfort.
  • Versatile Performance: With a non-tapered bathtub floor, the Fortius can be pitched in any direction without worrying about which end you can lay your head in. The detachable storm points allow you to reinforce against wind & weather in any direction - giving you peace of mind & a better night's sleep.

Experience the full backcountry experience with the Fortius Trekking Pole Tent. With its lightweight design and durability, it's your stronghold against the elements, ensuring you stay sheltered and safe without having to sacrifice pack weight.

Total Weight (w/ cords, 8 stakes, & stuff sack): 1 lb 9.4 oz (720.1 g)


Seam taped floor and fly

1 door

6 storm points, 2 end panel guylines, 2.5 mm cord.

2 quick-detach guylines with LineLoc tensioners, 2.5 mm cord.

1 interior mesh pocket

2 interior hanging loops

Corner stake-out lines use Lineloc 3 tensioners, 2.5 mm cord.  Additional lower lines included.

Catenary cut fly


  • Floor Length: 224 cm / 88 in.
  • Floor Width: 71 cm / 28 in.
  • Front Door Vestibule Width: 90 cm / 35 in.
  • Rear Overhang Width: 40 cm / 16 in.
  • Front Peak Height: 125 cm / 49 in.
  • Rear Peak Height: 102 cm / 40 in.
  • Max Exterior Width: 201 cm / 79 in.
  • Total Exterior Length: 272 cm / 107 in.
  • Fabric:  floor & fly - 15 D sil / PU micro-ripstop nylon, 1,500 mm HH
  • Fabric:  front and rear wall - mesh - 10D no-see-um nylon mesh
  • YKK # 3 zipper - interior door
  • YKK # 5 zipper - exterior door

    Stuff Sack Size (Uncompressed): 13 in. x 7 in.
  • Compressed Size: 5.5 in. x 7 in.
  • Warranty: Outdoor Vitals Performance Promise



Watch video instructions  on how to set up your Fortius Trekking Pole Tent below:

Fortius Features

Designing The Fortius

Fortius Testing

Fortius Q&A

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews

Love how light it is and say to set up with trekking poles.

Jimm Mosher
Great tent Amazing value!!

After watching endless reviews of this tent from Dan Becker and other Youtubers, I finally decided pull the trigger and purchase this Ultralight tent. I took this out on a three day journey in the Uwharrie forest in North Carolina. I was absolutely amazed on the ease of set up and the ventilation in this tent. It was 94° out in the daytime and very humid. The only place to camp was near a creek, which Usually means a night full of moisture. When I woke up, there was absolutely no moisture in the tent!! Not only that, but I had a constant breeze all the way around me all night long. This is a great tent by a great company who balances ultralightnes Comfortability, durability, and price.
I highly recommend this to anyone!!

Not as good as I was hoping

I’ve used this tent 2 times. Once on the east coast one once on the Oregon coast. The nights got cool and condensation saturated the fabric of the tent. The tent seems well ventilated enough, this moisure seemed to seep through the fabric, especially at the feet. My sleeping bag absorbed a good amount of water. Both nights only hit the low 50’s so this wasn’t dangerous. My wool socks kept me warm enough. I used the optional footprint both times which helped keep moisture from the bottom, I don’t know how the bathtub would have faired without this. I’d like to see a change to the front Bottom tracking pole tab. When I set up the tent the tab has a small grommet that seems to be there to receive the tip on the tracking pole, the lightweight poles that come with the tent don’t fit into this grommet. This makes the front of tent very flimsy.

Gavin Tweedie
Solid little tent

I took my Fortius 1 for its first trip this weekend to Emerald and Moon lakes in the Weminuche Wilderness. There was no rain so I can’t comment on that. But it was pretty windy and it held up well under some strong gusts. Overall the tent is very well built and has nice features. The only criticism I have is on the door latching and guy line. The loop/pin that is used to tie the two door together is cumbersome and hard to latch (so I don’t use it) and it is tricky to get the door tight in both horizontal and vertical directions. I setup with one door down on my second night to divert a breeze off the lake. When the one door is clipped down I had to mess with line between the pitch and the door tie out a bunch to get both direction tight and keep the door from flapping. I think this attachment could be better designed. Not a reduction in star rating but a little tricky.
Apart from that, the setup was easy and quick, the tent was comfortable and good space a little gear and myself. It is really light and packs well into my pack. It will be my “go to” for solo trips this summer.
Thanks for the great tent.

David Macpherson

So far I love this tent.I was able to save 5 pounds on my pack weight the space savings is ridiculous.I can probably downsize to a 45 liter pack now ty outdoor vitals for making a quality and affordable tent.