Fortius Carbon Fiber Tent Poles

*Poles Sold In Pairs

The Fortius Carbon Fiber Tent Poles are perfect for those that prefer not to use trekking poles or that need their trekking poles for other activities after setting up camp. They are custom made to fit both the 1p & the 2p Fortius Tents perfectly, and fold down into 4 sections to easily fit in your pack. 

Diameter: 11mm

Material: carbon fiber

1p Tent Pole Lengths & Weights:

  • 104 cm - 2.8 oz
  • 127 cm - 3.2 oz
  • Total Weight: 6 oz

2p Tent Pole Lengths & Weights:

  • 120 cm - 3 oz
  • 120 cm - 3 oz
  • Total Weight: 6 oz

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jonathan Roen
Great tent poles-keep your trekking poles free

These tent poles are amazingly light and come in a pair! No need to order 2! I love how compact they are...perfect for my pack! Great job OV!

Cordula McKeown

We are really excited, can't wait to use them on our upcoming trip on the Timberline. Especially when we take an active zero day to explore, and not have to break down my tent just to use the trekking poles.


Work perfectly when your a woman and your trekking poles aren’t long enough for the tent

Attachment point

Poles are light, strong and easily packable. Only negative it securing one end into grommets for tent floor. We had high winds on a camp with two Fortius tents. One had trekking poles and no issues with wind, the other had Carbon Fiber Tent poles and ended up collapsing.

Strong and featherweight

I decided to pick up these poles for my 2-person Fortius tent because i use that tent for longer stays at a base camp. I'm more likely to go for day hikes then and didn't want to have to collapse my tent every day to use my trekking poles for walking. They are super light and quite strong...perfect for that purpose.