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OV 100 Mile Challenge 2024 Registration
OV 100 Mile Challenge 2024 Registration
OV 100 Mile Challenge 2024 Registration
OV 100 Mile Challenge 2024 Registration
OV 100 Mile Challenge 2024 Registration
OV 100 Mile Challenge 2024 Registration
OV 100 Mile Challenge 2024 Registration
OV 100 Mile Challenge 2024 Registration
OV 100 Mile Challenge 2024 Registration
OV 100 Mile Challenge 2024 Registration
OV 100 Mile Challenge 2024 Registration
OV 100 Mile Challenge 2024 Registration

What's Included:

  • Admission into the events, live calls, & closed Facebook group
  • The 100 Mile Framework (Printed)
  • Access to Digital Course Modules & Resource Links
  • Training Schedule Poster
  • OV Altitude Sun Hoodie or Tee
  • $10 Voucher at
  • Finisher Pro Series Hat
  • Finisher Pin
  • Plotted Decal
  • Event Sticker
  • Automatic Weekly Giveaway Entries During Training Period

Total Value: $200+

Swag boxes & training manuals will be shipped early April

**NOTE: After registering, watch your email inbox for a message giving you access to the online training course modules.  Use the same email used during checkout to access the training modules. 


**2024 Registration is no longer available after April 16, 2024

INCLUDED: Altitude Sun Hoodie

You'll be able to select your preferred size & color on the cart page - just wait for a pop-up to appear before moving on to checkout.

The Altitude was built for those that push further, climb higher, & don’t take no for an answer. Its near weightlessness & breathability combined with a thoughtful design will keep you comfortable whether you’re trail running, hiking, or in almost any other outdoor setting. 

Normal price: $50

Past Participants

The Challenge: How Does It Work?

There is extreme value in pushing yourself to new levels. Setting a new Personal Record is always gratifying and often surprising! This summer we'd like to help you experience what you may not have previously thought possible. 

We get it. 

With families, day jobs, & a myriad of other responsibilities it's hard to spend a lot of time out on the trail. Most thru-hikes are out of the question!

Or are they?

The OV 100 Challenge 2024 is designed to help push you beyond your current limits to accomplish something great.  With an interactive training framework, coaching from OV team members, and support from other challenge participants, this challenge event can help you finish a dream hike this summer! 

Here's how it works:
-You set your own goals you want to reach (choose the trail you've been wanting to hike, how long you want it to take, etc.)

-We provide the interactive framework that will help you plan, prepare, & train.

-Throughout training, share updates & give encouragement to other participants in the private Challenge Group to keep motivation high

-During the trip window (July 1st through September 30th) we all hit the trail together!

-After reaching goals, building comradery, & connecting with the outdoors during our trips, finishers will receive their finisher prizes. 

Whether you're a casual or advanced hiker, the training framework is personalized for you. With over 70 years of combined experience, we're giving you everything you need for better planning, training, & execution. 

What People Are Saying:

Important Dates 2024

  • Registration Window: 3/1/24 through 3/31/24 

  • Training Kickoff: 4/15/24

  • Trip Window (Hiking Time!): 7/1/24 through 9/30/24

  • Trip Submission: 7/7/24 through 10/15/24

  • Wrap Up Celebration: 10/1/24

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Do I need to be a Live Ultralight Member to join the OV 100 Challenge?

Nope! Anyone can join the OV 100 Challenge. Our mission is to connect more people to the Vital Outdoors, and this challenge will help keep you motivated to train, work through challenges, & accomplish something that maybe you wouldn't do otherwise. We welcome any & all people to take on the challenge! 

However, if you are a Live Ultralight Member, you'll enjoy additional perks such as a lower price for registration and discounts on OV gear year round!

Do I have to hike 100 miles all at once?

You can either hike 100 miles all in 1 trip (this trip can be as short or as long as you need - it just has to fit within the trip window of July 1st to September 31st) as part of the Nonstop style, or you can break up the 100 miles into several smaller overnight hikes as part of the Stacked challenge style. Both are valid methods for completing the challenge.  

We will have you track you miles & create a gpx file to submit at the end of the Challenge.  Those that complete the Nonstop method will receive a finisher's hat and pin, and those that complete the Stacked method will receive a finisher's pin.

How can I involve my family & friends?

The best way to involve family & friends in the OV 100 Challenge is to have them sign up as well!  Each participant will get their own swag box, training framework, & finisher's prizes.  

However, even if they don't want to officially join the challenge, inviting your friends and family to hike with you is a great way to keep yourself accountable while building lasting relationships and memories. There is also additional safety in numbers.