Ultralight Backpacking Tarp
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Ultralight Backpacking Tarp

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There is nothing better than hanging between two trees in your hammock, but nothing ruins that faster than rain or snow! Stay dry with an ultralight tarp that sets up in minutes. Tarps vary in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Size and weight are at the forefront of most lightweight or ultralight hikers minds and it should be. The OV tarp line up can vary from 14 oz up to 23 oz which means you can save massive weight over a tent with poles and liners! As for size, the tarps are specifically designed to cover our OV Ultralight Hammock system with room to spare for added protection. When it comes to storing the tarps they easily fold back into their tough carry sack that is only a few inches tall!

Choose between a faster, lighter model with 4 sides, or add 2 ounces and get more coverage with a 6 sided tarp. Design and weight are important, but the true heart and soul of a tarp is the fabric used in its construction. Fabric, more than anything, determines weight and durability. Our tarps come in an ultralight model that utilizes 20 denier ripstop polyester that has been siliconized on the top side with a light PU coating on the underside to avoid any misting. Our lightweight model uses a 75 denier polyester ripstop that use a PU coating for waterproofing. Both tarps come factory seam taped. With both of those premium fabric options, you can count on long term performance while adding only ounces to your pack! 

Product Features

  • Extremely compact and lightweight so you'll have plenty of space in your pack for other necessary gear!
  • Quickly set up with fully adjustable, durable tie-outs which enable you to easily customize the setup of your tarp according to the environment!
  • High-grade aluminum stakes included (one for each tie-out) so you can secure your tarp properly, which means you'll be prepared for any bad weather!
  • Ultralight premium fabric cuts weight and retains strength so you can rely on a puncture free tarp that doesn't weigh your pack down!
  • Catenary cut sides keep the tarp fabric tighter when hung, which means you'll be able to sleep better without getting woken up by the breeze at night!
  • Loops for trekking pole placement on edges so you can have the versatility of setting up your tarp as a ground shelter using trekking poles!
  • Durable 75D Poly carry bag included so you can pack your tarp without worrying about it getting punctured!
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • 1% Goes To Help Others!

Technical Specs

 Weight (with stakes) 4 Sided 20D Silpoly: 14 oz
6 Sided 20D Silpoly: 1 lb 
4 Sided 75D: 1 lb 4.1 oz
6 Sided 75D: 1 lb 6 oz
  • 20D Silicon impregnated ripstop polyester with taped seams and a light coating of PU to avoid "misting" in heavy rain
  • 75D Polyurethane coated ripstop polyester with taped seams
 Fits Up To 4 Sided: 8' x 8' / 11' 9" measured on diagonal
6 sided: 10' 6" x 6' 6"
Compact Size 9" x 4.5" (compresses smaller in 20D models)
 Warranty Outdoor Vitals Lifetime Warranty

View the video below to learn more about our Ultralight Tarps!

Live Ultralight with Outdoor Vitals

Outdoor Vitals challenges outdoor enthusiasts to “Live Ultralight” through use of premium ultralight products that cut down on waste. Living Ultralight means using premium gear that works in any weather, is easy to pack and won’t slow you down. It means buying less quantity to fill up our earth’s landfills and buying more quality products that are ready for all your adventures. Join with us and start living an Ultralight life full of adventure!

Quality products come down to three simple points, quality components, quality manufacturing and quality designs. We work tirelessly to source only the finest quality fabrics and insulation, develop personal relationships with our manufacturing partners and field test every piece of gear, for a finished trail proven and ready product!

We also know that we've been fortunate while others have not so we donate 1% of revenues to sustainable poverty projects around the world.

Start Living Ultralight now so you can hike more, go further and see the world!

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