Free Backpacking Item That Saves You Money & Weight: The Importance Of Checklists

Everyone loves free things and every backpacker loves saving weight and money. As ultralight backpackers, we all look for the lightest, most versatile gear for our loadout. But what if the most important item isn’t even a piece of gear at all? Checklists can help save time, weight, and money for even the most experienced backpackers. They can also help new backpackers feel more confident in their gear setup. In this article, we will discuss 3 ways that a checklist can help you feel more confident on the trail all while saving weight, time, and money. 

How Backpacking Checklists can Lighten your Pack on the Trail?

Checklists can lighten your load and help you Live Ultralight in many ways. Lists can help you eliminate carrying extra gear with you on the trail. As you narrow down your gear set up, a checklist can help you dial in on what items you will need on the trail and which ones are dead weight in your pack. We have all been in a situation where we are looking at our pack last minute and decide to add a few more items before heading out the door. It may be an extra jacket or some more snacks, but every backpacker has experienced that last-minute panic that forces them to add unnecessary items right before leaving. Having a checklist will help you avoid this common mistake. 

Checklists will lighten your load by helping you become a more efficient packer by packing the same key items over and over again. You get a better idea for what you actually need, which can eliminate the deadweight items, saving you time while packing, space in your pack, and weight on the trail. 

How Backpacking Checklists can Save You Time?

Checklists not only save you weight but can save you time as mentioned above. Dialing down your backpacking checklist (or the one we provide to you with every order) will help you save time while packing your bag. I know we have all laid out every backpacking item we have and gone through each item one by one to decide if it should come on a trip. Not only does our living room get buried in gear, but this can be a pretty long process!

Utilizing a Checklist will help you know exactly what you need in your pack and help you pack it the same way every time. It makes it simple to know the gear you need and check each item off one by one as you pack it into your bag. Properly using a checklist will get you on the trail faster and with more confidence. 

Here is a link to our Backpacking Checklist:

How Backpacking Checklists can Save You Money?

I know that I have been the culprit of purchasing too much food or an item that I didn’t need for a trip all because I failed to use a checklist. This goes right along with the same principle of grabbing unnecessary items last minute before heading out the door, like mentioned above. When we aren’t totally sure of exactly what we need, we go into a sort of “what if” or “panic” mode, and start buying things. Just in case. 

So how does a checklist help with that?

IT’S FREE! Checklists are a free solution to overspending, last-minute purchases, and unnecessary items. What is better than a free item that helps you save weight, time, and money all while making you more confident in your gear on the trail? 

Basically, without spending any money, you get a tool that prevents you from spending money that you shouldn’t be spending. It’s really a no-brainer!


Checklists Allow You to Be Confident in Your Gear and LIVE ULTRALIGHT:

In conclusion, a checklist is a necessary item to allow you to be confident in what is in your pack. Every backpacker’s worst fear is forgetting a key item on their trips such as a pillow, a meal, or your spoon (we’ve all been there). Checking off each item on your list will ensure that you have everything you need on your next trip. 

Checklists can also help you with your future trips by allowing you to reevaluate your list after each trip. Constantly analyzing your checklist will allow you to know your gear and your pack setup inside and out. This will increase your confidence and get you started on your journey to living ultralight and enjoying your adventures worry free.

See you on the trail!

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