Outdoor Vitals

Skyline 30 Fastpack

2 Free Custom Hydrapak™ Soft Flasks Included

The Skyline Fastpack is versatile, comfortable, & built so that you can easily access what you need - when you need it!

  • Versatile Performance: The Skyline Fastpack is your perfect companion for various activities, including trail running, cross-country skiing, day hiking, ultralight backpacking, and of course, fastpacking – the art of ultralight backpacking at high speed.
  • Stability in Motion: Unlike many other fastpacks, the Skyline is crafted to provide stability without uncomfortable bouncing, rubbing, or chafing during your runs. The shoulder harness suspension system evenly distributes pack weight, ensuring a comfortable and stable experience on the move.
  • On-The-Go Gear Accessibility: Designed for convenient access, the Skyline features versatile pockets to stash snacks, gear, & essentials securely. The unique bottom pocket includes a pass-through sleeve and a zippered mesh compartment for easy access to your phone, gloves, maps, and more.
  • Ultra Stretch Mesh & Ultralight Materials: The Challenge™ Ultra stretch mesh used for back, side, and bottom pockets is both lightweight and incredibly durable. Its unique properties allow for easy gear stuffing while resisting cuts, making it some of the toughest and lightest mesh in the industry. Not only is the Skyline durable, but at just over 20 oz, it's very lightweight!
  • Mobile Design: Every feature of the Skyline Fastpack is intentionally designed to allow you to move, from the foam back panel that conforms to your body to the harness system's versatile pocketing, ensuring your gear stays exactly where you want it for all-day comfort.

The Skyline 30 Fastpack not only feels like an extension of your body, but it securely & comfortably carries your gear while giving you convenient access. 

Don't let long distances & limited timelines keep you from experiencing the wild places you crave. Experience the freedom of movement and accessibility on your adventures with the Skyline 30 Fastpack.

Small: 20.6 oz (23 oz with 2 soft flasks)

Medium: 20.6 oz (23 oz with 2 soft flasks)

Large: 21.6 oz (24 oz with 2 soft flasks)


-Roll Top Closure

-2 Free Included Custom Hydrapak™ Soft Flasks

-Over Top "V" Compression Webbing to further secure roll-top or to strap on pads, etc.

-Rear Stretch Pocket

  • made with Challenge UltraStretch™ - the most cut, tear, & abrasion resistant stretch mesh on the market

-Double Bottom Pocket - for easy, versatile access and storage on the go

  • streamlined and secure zippered pocket fits close to bag and is unobtrusive and out of the way
  • stretch pass through sleeve pocket on outside
  • made with Challenge UltraStretch™ - the most cut, tear, & abrasion resistant stretch mesh on the market

-2 Volumized Side Pockets fit 1 liter bottles

  • made with Challenge UltraStretch™ - the most cut, tear, & abrasion resistant stretch mesh on the market

-Internal Hydration Bladder Sleeve & Hose Port

-Small Internal Zippered Pocket with lanyard clip

-Shoulder Harness Suspension System

  • dual adjustable sternum straps - adjustable for tension & vertical placement
  • harness foam is perforated for breathability & weight savings
  • breathable non-stretch ripstop mesh
  • drink tube/hydration tube retention webbing

-3 Volumized Stretch Woven Pockets on each side of shoulder harness

  • upper pocket for soft flask with retention loop & shock cord tension closure
  • middle pocket is secured with a zipper & includes a lanyard clip
  • lower pocket is volumized & uses a shock cord/tensioner closure

-Dual Side Compression Cords with reflective

-3 Trekking Pole/Ice Ax Tension Loops - allows vertical carriage of trekking poles or ax, or horizontal carriage on lower 2 loops

  • shock cord/cord lock retention system

-EVA Foam Back Panel with large cut-outs for air flow & ventilation while reducing weight

  • made to be supportive, stable, & comfortable while allowing for breathability & air movement - panel is designed to accomplish this with minimal amount of foam & as much empty space as possible while offering comfortable support


Specs & Technology:

  • Volume Size Small & Medium: 23L main compartment (total volume 26L with outside pockets)
  • Volume Size Large: 28L main compartment (total volume 31L with outside pockets)
  • Pack Bag Fabric: 100D Robic™ nylon diamond ripstop
  • Shoulder Harness Pockets Fabric: stretch woven nylon
  • Front/Bottom/Side Pockets Fabric: Challene UltraStretch™ UHMWPE / Nylon 66 stretch woven
  • Water Resistance: WP Rating 1500 mm HH
  • Hardware: Duraflex plastic hardware
  • Small/Medium Dimensions: 16" x 9.5" x 7.5" (roll top is additional 11")
  • Large Dimensions: 17.5" x 9.5" x 7.25" (roll top is additional 11")
  • Max Recommended Weight: 20 lbs (recommended base weight of 10 lbs or less)
  • Warranty: Outdoor Vitals Performance Promise (NOTE: Soft flasks CANNOT be returned due to sanitary reasons - if you return your fastpack, a $15 charge per bottle or flask will be deducted from your refund)


Challenge UltraStretch™

  • Tear Strength: ATSM D1424-09
  • Warp: 10, 124 cN, Fill 12, 120 cN
  • Tensile Strength: ATSM D5034-21
  • Warp: 883 N, Fill 778 N
  • Abrasion: ATSM D49666-12
    20,000+ cycles

Challenge UltraStretch™ mesh is used on all exterior pockets of the Skyline Fastpack.  It is the most cut, tear, and abrasion resistant stretch mesh on the market.

Challenge UltraStretch™

Tear Strength: ATSM D1424-09

Warp: 10, 124 cN, Fill 12, 120 cN

Tensile Strength: ATSM D5034-21

Warp: 883 N, Fill 778 N

Abrasion: ATSM D49666-12
20,000+ cycles

Fitting & Adjusting the Skyline 30 Fastpack

How to Pack The Skyline 30 Fastpack

The Issue With Other Fastpacks

We tried out nearly every fastpack on the market. And in one way or another, every pack was a disappointment:

Some bounced uncomfortably while in motion, others caused excessive rubbing & chafing, & others just didn’t have the right features to give us access to gear when we needed it most.

After nearly two years of intensive development, thousands of miles of rigorous testing & development, the Skyline 30 Fastpack is finally here.

One of the Toughest Lightweight Stretch meshes In the Industry

UltraStretch™ Mesh

Lightweight, durable, & tear-resistant UltraStretch™ is a 4-way stretch mesh woven with the highest quality fibers for performance & longevity gram for gram. It has a tensile strength 15x stronger than steel ULTRA™ fiber is incredibly lightweight & cut/abrasion resistant.

Better Fit & Less Bounce Than Other Options

Extension of the Body

The Skyline Fastpack is incredibly stable, especially when compared to other fastpacks. Multiple adjustment points allow you to fit the pack to your body & move without bouncing, rubbing, or chafing.

The Right Access In In The Right Places

Superior Organization & Access

With stretch pockets coving over 50% of the pack plus the intentional harness pocketing & organization, you'll never need to stop to access gear you need while on the go.

True Extension of your body

A better fit & full adjustability means adventuring your way without impediment.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Great ultra light pack

I’ve only had this pack out once, but so far, it’s been great as a hiking, biking, get-everything-done pack! At 5’ 2”, I bought the s/m and certainly couldn’t do with anything larger. It fits comfortably and has versatile pockets on the front straps. My only wish is for some loops on the back for additional packing options, but I understand this is a lightweight pack and the weight savings is worth the lack of additional details.


The product is great. It really is but when you return the product because you don't like it because it's too small, I've yet to receive a email saying that I returned it when I mailed it over a week ago.


I didn't like this product because it was too small. I returned it

Neck Knife Camper
Only for small(er) frame people

I was super excited to get this pack but was disappointed right off because the sternum straps are not for bigger folks like me. I am 6”1 and 240 - so don’t bother with this pack if you are in that neighborhood in terms of size. The simple fix would be longer straps but OV doesn’t offer that possibility. Then, the waist belt presented the same situation. I could get it buckled (my waist is 38”) but barely and there is no way it would work with any outer clothing. Again, no alternative solution from OV. On the flip side, if you are young and fit and trim them you probably love this pack.

To small

This was way to small. I returned it and have not gotten confirmation from saler yet. I contacted the company but nothing has happened. When I reply I got confirmation that the large one that I returned got back. These packs are for small people. If you're a bodybuilder if you lift weights, they're not going to fit you.