Shadowlight Ultralight Backpack

The ShadowLight™ Ultralight backpack brings a new meaning to "ultralight backpacking". No longer do you have to sacrifice everything to get below a 2 lb pack weight!

Shadowlight- named for its ultralight weight and how well it rides on your back. Due to its geometry and weight, it feels like an extension of your body.

  • Ultralight and Ultra Comfortable: Coming in at under 2 lbs (including a durable 24 in. frame & wide hip belt,) it comfortably carries up to 35+ lbs. The shoulder straps, hip belt, & removable back panel were all crafted to fit anatomically, making the Shadowlight Backpack feel more like an extension of your body.
  • Ultralight With Extra Organization and Access: The Shadowlight Backpack is equipped with side pockets, large hip belt pockets, stretch-mesh pockets, & a full length main panel entry zipper to keep you organized on the trail while keeping your pack weight under 2 lbs. The adjustable roll-top gives you additional access & customizable space for packing.
  • High Strength Ultralight Fabric: We used our own special Spectra / Robic Ripstop fabric, which gives you the benefits of both a high tenacity nylon & UHMWPE fibers! Enjoy the strength and durability of a much heavier fabric, but now in an ultralight package.

Embrace a better kind of ultralight exploration that doesn't sacrifice comfort & organization with the Shadowlight Backpack.

45L: 1 lb 14.5 oz

60L: 1 lb 15.5 oz


Roll-top enclosure, with front center zip access

Top cinch strap to further secure roll-top or to strap on pads, tents, etc.

Front - 2 stretch fabric pockets to hold extra gear

Hip Belt - 2 hip belt zippered pockets with key clip

Sides - 2 Water bottle pockets, with a pocket above to hold even more gear

Removable hip belt

Removable aluminum frame (We recommend you only remove the frame if you intend to go frameless long-term, it is very difficult to put back in place properly)

Removable back pad that also doubles as a sit pad

Reinforced fabric on underside of pack & pockets


  • Sizes: 45L, 60L (includes external pockets, but excludes extra space from the roll top)
  • Volume: 45L - (35L main compartment, pockets are 10L, then the rolltop is bonus 10L)
    60L - (50L Main compartment, pockets are 10L, then the rolltop is bonus 10L, Stretch mesh is bonus as well)
  • Fabrics: 100D Robic Nylon w/ 200D Spectra Ripstop, 210D Robic Nylon w/ 400D Spectra Ripstop
  • Water Resistance: WP Rating 1500 mm HH
  • Internal Frame: 24" (vertical) Aluminum Alloy
  • Zippers: YKK
  • Hardware: Duraflex plastic hardware
  • Fits up to: 40" Pant Waist
  • Max Recommended Carry Weight: 35 lbs
  • Hydration Compatible: This pack can be used with most water bladders if desired
  • Main Dimensions: 45L: 24" x 11" x 6.5"
    60L: 24" x 11" x 7.5"
  • Hip Belt Dimensions (not including webbing):
    S - 28.5” length, pockets 5.5" x 2.5”
    M - 31” length, pockets 6.5" x 2.5”
    L - 34” length, pockets 6.5" x 2.5”
  • Warranty: Outdoor Vitals Performance Promise

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Customer Reviews

Based on 166 reviews
Ron Diggity
There is no better pack

I absolutely love this thing! There isn't one thing I would change about it! The weight, water resistance, exterior storage, and a full length center zip. All for half of what a big name company wants, twice the customer service and attention to detail, and half the weight.

Almost perfect!

I just got back from a 14-day section hike on the AT. The pack was very comfortable and handled a 35 lb load quite well. Even better when I got under 30 lbs. It seems to be durable and I see no signs of any wear or damage. I will note that I never used the front zipper once, but other might. My only minor complaint was the lack of guy-out points and external straps. Things to hook items on and lash wet items to the outside of the pack. I actually bought some elastic cord ($10) and made additional side supports to hold taller pads and bottles and a back web support to hang a jacket or wet socks without having to alter the pack (linking to the few guy-out points on the pack originally). All-in-all, I am very pleased and this is now my go-to pack. It is a great pack, especially for the price and UL weight.

Bonnie Tagliaferri
Shadowlight 45

While I haven't been backpacking with the Shadowlight 45 yet, I have hiked with it. Usually I use a water bladder but on the 2nd hike I decided to use water bottles. I always had problems getting bottles back into the side pockets. Even with forward facing pockets. The Shadowlight is so easy to get water bottles in and out of the side pockets. I no longer use water bladders.
The pack I was using had thick padding on the shoulder straps and hip belt. The padding on the Shadowlight isn't as thick but is much more comfortable .
The pockets on the waist belt are quite large. I can fit my cell phone, snacks and still have plenty of room. Love the clip for keys. I don't have to worry about accidentally loosing my keys.
My last hike I had the pack fully loaded and couldn't believe how comfortable it was. Each time I use this pack I find more to love about it. Can't wait for my first trip with it.

Michael Matthews
Great pack! Light and durable

I recently purchased the shadowlight 45. Took it out for a 4 day backpacking trip in north Georgia over the past weekend. I am absolutely in love with this pack! It was super comfortable and held all my gear, water and food perfectly with room to spare! All in i was at 19.5#, had a long water carry for the second day so was sitting at about 32# that day and it didn’t feel like had any extra weight! The shadowlight 45 will definitely be my go-to pack from now on! Great Job Outdoor Vitals team!!!


I love it. It's lightweight and comfortable to wear