LoftTek™ Hybrid Booties

Introducing Outdoor Vitals LoftTek™ Hybrid Booties – where innovation meets comfort for cold-weather camping. Not all booties are created equal, and our design addresses common concerns with traditional puffy booties to ensure warmth and comfort every night.

  • Water Resistant Design: Unlike traditional down booties that become useless when wet, our new design ensures functionality even after exposure to rain or a stumble into a river. Experience reliable warmth in any weather condition.
  • Revolutionary Insulation: Say goodbye to down wetting out and failing. Our LoftTek™ Hybrid insulation is designed to withstand soaking wet conditions without collapsing or losing its warmth, providing you with confidence in warm booties and feet all night.
  • Ultralight Weight: 650+ fill power LoftTek Hybrid insulation fills the booties with best in class weight to warmth ratios achieved by combining down with just the right amount of synthetic insulation. The 10D nylon liner & shell are both comfortable & ultralight weight. 
  • Full Coverage Warmth: The booties' length ensures that your feet and ankles are fully covered with an elastic stretch band that will prevent heat from escaping.
  • Bliss for Cold Camping: Don't compromise on warmth and comfort during cold camping trips. The LoftTek™ Hybrid Booties are a must-have, offering reliable warmth for your feet in chilly conditions.

Ensure warmth and comfort every time with the innovative LoftTek™ Hybrid Booties.

Small: 3.4 oz

Medium: 3.5 oz

Large: 3.8 oz


LoftTek™ Hybrid Insulation will keep you warm even if your booties gets soaking wet, either from condensation or other forms of moisture

DWR treated 10 Denier Ripstop Nylon keeps the booties ultralight, yet comfortable and durable

Fitted elastic band will give the booties the ability to seal in heat to keep your feet warm all night

DWR treated fabrics help prevent the booties from getting wet in case of moisture


  • Exterior Fabric: DWR treated 10D Ripstop Nylon
  • Interior Fabric: DWR treated 10D Ripstop Nylon
  • Insulation Type: Down/Synthetic Hybrid
  • Fill: LoftTek™ Hybrid Insulation
  • Fill Power: 650+
  • Sizes: Small (size 8 & smaller), Medium (sizes 9-10), Large (sizes 11-13)
  • Stuff Sack: 7.5 x 5 inches (uncompressed)
  • Warranty: Outdoor Vitals Performance Promise

Product Care

Your LoftTek Hybrid Booties are a high performance piece of gear. They need some extra attention to keep them performing at the highest level.

Please read through the care instructions below to ensure that you care for them properly:

Before Washing

  • Never wash your hybrid down product in a washing machine that has an agitator.
  • If you cannot follow either of these prior instructions you should hand wash your sleeping bag using the detergent and drying process described below.

The Wash & Dry Process

  1. Use a mild detergent like Dreft (for babies) or Nikwax (for technical gear).
  2. Choose Low Spin or Delicate wash.
  3. Choose Cold Wash & Cold Rinse.
  4. Hang dry until the balaclava is completely dry.
  5. Then loft and redistribute your hybrid down insulation in the dryer by running it for 10 minutes on low or no heat with 3 dryer balls.

Long Term Storage

  • Do not store hybrid down product compressed long term. Long term compression weakens the insulation's ability to loft and therefore insulate.
  • We recommend hanging it in your closet or putting it in a pillow case for storage between uses.​

For more information on caring for your gear please visit https://outdoorvitals.com/pages/care-guide-faq

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Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Mark Sembrat
Great tent booties!

The pair that I have worked so well that we got a pair for my wife. Perfect tent booties to keep feet warm in cold conditions. They pack down and weigh almost nothing. Gone are the days of sandwiching a hand warmer between two socks. Not great for in camp chores without a more durable outer but that is not what the LoftTeck booties are designed for. They are intended to keep your tootsies comfortable and warm all night long.

Greyson Plaisance

Just wish they had a drawstring on the ankle

Melissa B

I bought these for a camping trip where temps at night were expected to be close to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. I had been skeptical as someone who has chronically cold feet but these did exactly as expected. These were definitely slightly big for me but when worn over a thick pair of socks they weren’t a problem. I wear a US women’s 7.5 shoe and according to the size chart a small goes down to a US women’s 8.5. That being said, they never came off of my feet in my sleeping bag at night. They did a perfect job of keeping my feet warm. I absolutely recommend, especially for any of the ladies who are afraid they’re going to be too big!

Arliss Wirtanen
Wife loves them

Got these for my wife who always has cold feet. She has worn them around the house and loves them so far. looking forward to trying them in the field.

Jayson Jones
Light weight and warm, not very durable.

Super light weight, and warm, was hoping would be a little durable on the bottom to step out in the middle of the night, but it's not. No worries it's good at keeping my feet warm. Over heavy socks. North Dakota winter camping!