LoftTek™ Hybrid Balaclava / Hood

The LoftTek™ Hybrid Balaclava / Hood is your key to adaptablewarmth & comfort in cold climates.

  • Water & Condensation Resistant: Our LoftTek™ Hybrid insulation utilizes cutting edge science to stay lofted and warm even when it gets wet! You can breathe into this balaclava all night without worrying that condensation will cause the insulation to fail.
  • Ultralight Weight: 650+ fill power LoftTek™ Hybrid insulation fills the 3 oz balaclava with best in class weight to warmth ratios. The 10D nylon liner & shell are both comfortable & ultralight weight. 
  • More Comfortable: Enjoy enhanced comfort with the elastic band replacing a back cinch toggle. The LoftTek™ Hybrid Balaclava has no uncomfortable adjustments digging into your head.
  • Full Coverage Warmth: The balaclava length ensures that your neck is fully covered with a specialized cut to fit around your shoulders. The front cinch cord allows you to customize the facial opening size to your preferences.
  • One Size Fits All 

Gear up for your next cold-weather adventure with the Outdoor Vitals LoftTek™ Hybrid Balaclava Hood.

3 oz (stuff sack included)


LoftTek™ Hybrid Insulation will keep you warm even if your balaclava gets soaking wet, either from condensation or other forms of moisture

DWR treated 10 Denier Ripstop Nylon keeps the balaclava ultralight, yet comfortable and durable

Fitted elastic band will give the balaclava the ability to move with your head instead of blocking vision or getting twisted while you sleep

No back adjustment toggle means that you'll stay comfortable without a piece of plastic digging into the back of your head while you lay down

Front cinch cord allows you to adjust and customize how much of your face you want to keep covered and warm

The full length of the balaclava gives your neck and shoulders coverage so you don't get any cold spots while using it with a topquilt

The curved shoulder contour beneath the balaclava helps eliminate uncomfortable bunching and any additional opportunities for cold spots

Baffled design keeps down distributed well without cold spots from sewing lines


  • Exterior Fabric: DWR treated 10D Ripstop Nylon
  • Interior Fabric: DWR treated 10D Ripstop Nylon
  • Insulation Type: Down/Synthetic Hybrid
  • Fill: LoftTek™ Hybrid Insulation
  • Fill Power: 650+
  • Sizes: One Size Fits All
  • Stuff Sack: 6.75 x 4.5 inches (uncompressed)
  • Warranty: Outdoor Vitals Performance Promise

Product Care

Your LoftTek Hybrid Balaclava is a high performance piece of gear. It needs some extra attention to keep it performing at the highest level.

Please read through the care instructions below to ensure that you care for it properly:

Before Washing

  • Never wash your hybrid down product in a washing machine that has an agitator.
  • If you cannot follow either of these prior instructions you should hand wash your sleeping bag using the detergent and drying process described below.

The Wash & Dry Process

  1. Use a mild detergent like Dreft (for babies) or Nikwax (for technical gear).
  2. Choose Low Spin or Delicate wash.
  3. Choose Cold Wash & Cold Rinse.
  4. Hang dry until the balaclava is completely dry.
  5. Then loft and redistribute your hybrid down insulation in the dryer by running it for 10 minutes on low or no heat with 3 dryer balls.

Long Term Storage

  • Do not store hybrid down product compressed long term. Long term compression weakens the insulation's ability to loft and therefore insulate.
  • We recommend hanging it in your closet or putting it in a pillow case for storage between uses.​

For more information on caring for your gear please visit https://outdoorvitals.com/pages/care-guide-faq

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
UL Multi-purpose kit

I love this down hood. I'm using it along with my montane down pullover and my split atom half bag ( which I made out of a marmot Atom sleeping bag) for my summer sleep kit on the AT

Exactly what I needed!

I get really claustrophobic if I sleep in my sleeping bag with my head in the hood, so I needed something to keep my head warm while allowing me a little more room in my bag. This was exactly what I needed!! Super warm, comfortable, and soft. Yay.

Doc Warner

LoftTek™ Hybrid Balaclava / Hood

Charlene Martin

I have only tried them on. Felt nice and warm, but thought is was coming same color as in pic which I black. Nope, it is gray.

Todd Forden
Does the job

I am a side sleeper who goes from one side to the other during the night. I use a quilt and my head tends to be the only thing that gets cold. I have used a couple of other balaclavas to keep my head warm but they moved around my head and would require adjustment. This OV one stays in place and is plenty warm. Tested last weekend at 34F, toasty warm all night. This will now go on every trip.