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1/8" Closed Cell Foam Pad

Enjoy comfort outdoors with our foam sleeping pad. It's a closed cell foam pad, durable for any adventure. Ideal, easy-to-carry choice for campers and hikers.

  • Lightweight 1/8" closed cell foam pad
  • Enhances sleep comfort outdoors
  • Water-resistant foam sleeping pad
  • Easy to roll, ideal for back country adventures
  • Keeps your main sleeping pad from sliding 
  • Adds a bit more insulation value to your main sleeping pad
  • Ultralight weight perfect for backpacking

These closed cell EVA foam pads will supplement any adventure & give you excellent versatility with your current gear and in different situations. Great for recovery, stretching, yoga, or keeping your gear out of snow and mud! The pad does not absorb water.

By combining this 1/8 inch foam pad with your current sleeping pad, you can add an estimated .5 R value to the current pad's insulating abilities. Use multiple closed cell foam pads together for additional insulation. It will also keep your sleeping pad from sliding on sloped ground & provides extra protection from punctures.

This closed cell foam pad can be folded, rolled, or wrapped around other gear for versatile packing, & can add comfort & stability to frameless packs. It is readily available in emergency situations to use as extra body insulation or as shoe & gear repair material.

Short: 1.5* oz

Regular: 2.5* oz

*Disclaimer: weight may vary up to an oz


Fold & use as an ultralight seat replacement

Great mat for recovery, stretching, & yoga

Provides protection from punctures for your sleeping pad, & serves as a backup in case of sleeping pad malfunction

Adds an estimated .5 R value to sleeping pad insulation

Keeps sleeping pad from sliding on sloped ground

Does not absorb water

Can add comfort & stability to frameless backpacks

Can be folded, rolled, or wrapped around other gear for versatile packing


Fabric: Closed Cell EVA Foam (2 lb density)

Short: 1/8" Thick x 20"x40"
Regular: 1/8" Thick x 20"x60"

Gender: Unisex

NOTE: Weights may vary up or down .25 oz as thickness will also vary slightly. The closed cell foam will also show marks easily, so a variety of markings & variation in coloration should be expected even on new items. This is not a problem, but simply due to the fabric of the foam pad. Marks will eventually fade.

Shipping: Please note that if ordered alone, the foam pad will be folded for shipping and fold lines will be visible for a few days afterward. These will eventually fade.

Warranty: None - this product is considered to be consumable & will not be eligible for warranty claims.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Ian Wittleder

1/8" Closed Cell Foam Pad

David O
1/8 Closed Cell Pad is exactly what it is suppose to be!

This will do exactly what it is suppose to. Pull it out for a quick sit and rest, pull it out to take off shoes and change socks, pull it out to eat a quick sit down meal, place it under your inflatable for protection... it weighs virtually nothing... because it weighs virtually nothing I might just pick up the longer version as the weight penalty would not matter, and for the price it wouldn't be a bad idea to keep my options open on which one to take. This is pad is a win!

Joshua Hostetter
Great — arrived torn, though.

Versatile product. Really love it. Only downside is that it arrived with a rip — just a few inches, though.

Aleksandr Ruckodanov
Serves the purpose

It’s extremely light weight! I bring it in as a back up plan for inflatable pad failure and tent vestibule door mat.
It’s extremely fragile. Being attached to the top of the backpack it was torn by bushes and branches.
Still worth it. I’ll duct tape it.

Michael Lees

I haven't used it yet but it's going to be awesome!