front view of black Vario Jacket for menfront view of men's full zip hooded jacket for backpacking

Vario Jacket - Men's

94 reviews
$209.97 USD
Vario Jacket - Women'sVario Jacket - Women's

Vario Jacket - Women's

22 reviews
$209.97 USD

Vario Ultralight Jacket

Built For Any Adventure

We've built the Vario using sustainable & innovative insulations technology with durable fabrics to bring you a jacket that will weigh less, keep you warmer, and pack smaller! 

It's the perfect jacket for ultralight backcountry performance. How do we know? We live that lifestyle. 

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Vario Jacket

Warmer, Lighter, & Breathable

The Vario Jacket brings a new meaning to "ultralight backpacking". No longer do you have to sacrifice warmth to get a lower pack weight!

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More Warmth, Less Weight

Weighing just 10 oz, the Vario can completely replace a 3 season down puffy jacket...

...but you won't have to worry about it ever wetting out!

Ultralight Stretch Technology

50% Recycled 3DeFX™ Insulation

100% of our materials are sourced & created by Toray. We know where everything came from on a molecular level! That means there are no impurities in the recycled insulation fibers. Every part of it is planned & recycled purposefully. 

The result is that the 50% recycled 3DeFX insulation has 0% performance & durability degradation after extensive testing! This warmer insulation is more sustainable, just as lofty, and just as durable as original 3DeFX.

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The Vario Jacket

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Vario Jackets

Both men & women specific sizes available.

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