Outdoor Vitals Hammock Bug Nets are ultralight and protective. DWR treated material covers the bottom and end for splash protection. Roll the non-mesh material over your body for added heat or to turn your hammock into private mode for changing clothes. As user-friendly as it is light, a mini ridge line and cord locks are included for hammocks that do not already use a ridgeline. The end result is a ultralight multi functional insect-free haven!

Do not let pesky mosquitoes, flies, ticks, or any other kind of bug put a damper on your adventures. Keep your nights out on the trail bug free with the Outdoor Vitals Hammock Bug Net now.

Regular 10ft: 7.6 oz

Long 11ft: 8.2 oz

Stuff Sack: .2 oz

Suspension: .5 oz


Breathable mesh keeps insects out while giving you plenty of fresh air.

DWR treated ultralight fabric adds splash protection to the bottom and ends of the hammock. Even in heavy storms, you can enjoy the comfort of your hammock and the proximity to the elements without getting wet and uncomfortable!

Roll the bug net over for privacy mode (private place to change clothes).

Roll the bug net over to add a little warmth to your hammock set up. The DWR treated fabric on the underside of the bug net will help trap more heat and block a little more of the elements from coming in.

A mini ridgeline is included for hammocks that do not already use one.

Cinch cords on each end allow you to seal the bug net closed around your hammock, creating a bug-free haven for yourself to relax in!


  • Upper Mesh: 20 Denier Polyester
  • Backing Material: 15 Denier Nylon Fabric
  • Carry Sack: Included
  • Warranty: Outdoor Vitals Performance Promise

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
William Turnipseed

Got the 11 foot long one, and it fits easily over a 11 foot Long Hammock by Hummingbird with a Little Shop of Hammocks Underquilt. Yes the sock design has gotten some hate, but I like it for it doesn't have zippers which can break easier in the backcountry than a drawstring at each end. The splash guard thing on the bottom is nice too, I've always wanted a bit of extra protection for my underquilt but didn't want to add another piece of gear that only protects it. So this is a double whammy of bug + splash protection, a very UL state of mind. We'll see how it lasts after years of use, but if kept away from thorns and sharp rocks and such when taking it down and setting it up, I imagine it could last.

adam fleck
UL bug net

Great net! keeps the bugs off very well. Just think the design needs a little work. Hard to close when you get inside.

Michael W.
Better Solution ... No More Zippers!

Having used some bug net solutions with side zippers, this open-end "bag" solution is far superior in that I can 1) much more easily get in and out of the hammock and 2) the outdoor vitals budget has proven to be much longer-lasting because there's no zipper to break; with other bug nets using zippers, invariably I end up putting stress on the zipper teeth or break the zipper when getting in or out of the hammock. As a bonus, the solid parts of the bug net act as a very light underquilt and let me comfortably hang overnight without any insolation other than the bug net down to the mid 60's if no strong wind vs. 70 or so without the bug net.

James Dye
works as it should

The bugnet works how it should, I would of given it more stars but I use the solo 9 foot hammock with their storm loft pod system witch works well also. I use the 9 foot hammock as I already invested in a 10 foot Dyneema tarp and the longer hammock wouldn't work well under it. I am also only 5 foot 5 so I dont need something super long and I like the weight savings. My biggest gripe is the bugnet is just to big for the 9 foot hammock it hangs super lose over everything. I wish you had a bugnet made for your 9 foot hammock. Not only would it be less baggy but it would most likely save an ounce for me. Otherwise its a great system for me.


We got this to use with or humming bird double hammock(sorryOV we had it before you made hammocks). It works flawlessly and sets up easy without instructions or any real thought. Im 5.7 and my wife is 5.2. It works just as you need it to.