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NEW INSULATION:  StormLight™ micro hollow filament insulation! It compresses smaller than most common synthetics and keeps you twice as warm for the weight!

    • Premium Synthetic, Affordable Price: With Outdoor Vitals direct to consumer pricing model, we cut the typical retail price in half by cutting out extra markups from distributors and retailers.
    • Warm & Compressible Insulation: The new StormLIGHT™ synthetic insulation pushes the boundaries of warmth and compressibility in the synthetic world. 
    • Light In Your Pack: Lightweight ripstop fabrics mixed with StormLIGHT™ insulation has an incredible warmth to weight ratios compared to standard synthetics.
    • Make It A Double: Buy a Red (left hand zipper model) and a Green (right hand zipper model) to make it a double sleeping bag!
    • Lifetime Warranty: Here at Outdoor Vitals we want you to get the high quality products you deserve. That's why we offer all our customers a lifetime warranty on all products!
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