(USED) NovaUL Men's Jacket

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Original Product Description

Warmer Insulation: our brand new DownLT ™ insulation combines 850 Fill Power HyperDry down with a small percentage of synthetic to bring you a more stable insulation that stays lofted and warm even when soaking wet!

No Stitches to Snag: Nova Zero Stitch ™ fabric utilizes innovative technology to literally weave baffles into place. There are no stitches, and no bonding. You can't snag a stitch that isn't there, and water or dirt can't enter through stitch holes that don't exist!

More Water Resistant: Even when soaking wet, DownLT™ insulation stays lofted and warm. Plus, the zero stitch fabric prevents moisture from entering your jacket in the first place!


We didn’t hold back on any features. Everything you know and love from our LoftTek Jacket is still here, but the NovaUL takes warmth & performance to the next level!

This innovative puffy jacket utilized all-new Nova Zero Stitch™ Fabric, which is neither bonded nor stitched, but literally woven into place. The D-tube baffle design gives the NovaUL a classic puffy jacket look while eliminating the chance for stitches to wear out or snag on things as you brush by.

What this means is that you get a jacket with 10,000 fewer stitch holes than typical down or puffy jackets, making the NovaUL more water & wind resistant, and ultimately more durable! It's hard to get any moisture through this fabric!

But we didn't stop there. The new Nova Jacket line also utilizes our brand new DownLT™ insulation, which combines mostly 850 Fill Power HyperDry down with a small percentage of synthetic LoftTek. DownLT™ insulation is much more stable than typical down, and will stay lofted even when soaked (in the small chance that moisture even gets through the Nova Zero Stitch Fabric!)

These new innovations give you a warmer, more reliable jacket that you can take on any adventure without worrying about it wetting out or not performing the way you need it to.

This jacket is ideal for all 3-season applications and uses. The fit should be just loose enough to fit a base layer & something like the Ventus Hoodie beneath it, but shouldn't be much larger than that.



12 oz (Men's Large)
10.5 oz (Women's Medium)



Packs Into Own Pocket: Easily transport or store the jacket in it's own left pocket! Simply flip the pocket inside out while stuffing the jacket inside, and zip closed. Use it when you need it, and pack it away when you don't! Also use the jacket as a pillow when it's packed away!

High Neck: Stay warm by sealing in the heat around your neck! When zipped up fully, the NovaUL Jacket goes all the way up to your chin for warmth and comfort.

Underarm Vents: If you start getting too warm but it's still cold out, you can unzip the underarm vents and immediately release heat to stabilize your temperature.

Insulated 2-Way Adjustable Hood: No matter which direction you turn your head, you can keep the hood out of your peripherals and see clearly by adjusting the fit of the hood to your head.

Adjustable Hem: Lock in heat by fitting the hem of the jacket to your hips and waist. No need to worry about cord ends hanging down, excess cord will be stored in the front pockets!

Water Repellent Shell: The Nova Zero Stitch™ fabric not only has 10,000 fewer stitch holes (potential leaking points), but is also treated, which makes it difficult to get the jacket wet. Water just beads up and rolls off! If the jacket does get wet, the insulation stays lofted and continues to insulate.

Insulated Zippered Pockets: Keep your hands warm in the insulated pockets. When combined with the thumbholes, you're hands will stay cozy! Also keep your valuables from being lost by zipping them securely into these pockets!

Athletic Fit & Drop Back: The athletic cut and drop back of the jacket keep you looking great no matter where you are. The drop back allows you to sit while keeping your rear and back fully covered.

Thumbholes: Keep your hands warm while still using your fingers and thumbs by using the reinforced thumbholes in the sleeves!


Shell: 20 Denier Nylon with DWR treatment

Insulation: DownLT™ Insulation

Fill Power: 800+

Fill Weight: 97g (men's large), 88g (women's medium)

Color: Charcoal, Olive, Blue

Zipper: YKK

Fit: Athletic - the NovaUL should be just loose enough to wear base layers and possibly another layer such as a Ventus Hoodie beneath. But you shouldn't have much more space than that for optimal warmth and layering application.

Care: Machine wash cold - alone & on delicate setting. Then tumble dry low, also on a delicate setting.

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