(USED) Men's Satu Adventure Pants

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Used Product Condition Levels: 

Rock Solid- 

Rock Solid items are GRADE A USED items ranging from open-box returns to lightly used but still close to original quality. A very small repair, scuff or snag may be present in some cases but the overall appearance is like new.

Broken In- 

Broken In items are GRADE B USED items that are lightly to moderately used. They have been used and washed multiple times. There may be a noticeable repair, discoloration, snag or pick on the item that is in otherwise great condition.

Trail Worn-

Trail Worn items are GRADE C USED items have been well used but retain full functionality. Easily visible repairs or issues (that do not affect performance) are present. Dirt, stains, snags, or other wear and tear will be present but the item will get the job done. 

Used Product Warranty Disclaimer- All Used Products sold by OV have been inspected for Manufacturing & Materials Defects and have been found to be free of any need for a warranty claim. Due to this inspection there shouldn't be any cause for claims inside of our Product Lifetime Warranty offered for New products.

Used Product Returns- Please be sure to inspect your Used Product purchase upon arrival, Used Gear returns are only accepted within 30 days. 

Original Product Description 

The Satu Adventure Pants are the perfect pants for any adventure. Built with ultimate versatility in mind, you can wear them both on the trail and in the office. The pants are super comfortable with the mechanic stretch fabric, while providing top performance and style! They allow you to regulate your temperature with invisible vents, maintain greater range of motion with the gusseted crotch and mechanic stretch fabric, and look good even at the office!

Start "Living Ultralight" by utilizing the Satu Adventure Pants and simplifying your gear. Adventures take you from mountain peaks to flying around the world! When you want to focus on where you are, it's important to have versatile, functional gear. Take less and see more with the Satu Adventure Pants!

One pair of pants goes a long way...if you have the right pants! 

Product Features

  • Adjustable Waist making it easy to use without a belt while hiking, while belt loops allow you to use a belt for style.
  • Hidden Side Zipper Vents allow you to dump heat when needed, while being completely unnoticeable when not in use!
  • DWR Water Resistant Treatment makes it hard to soak the Satu pants. Even if you do encounter a little moisture, the mechanic stretch fabric is quick drying and comfortable, utilizing 0% Spandex.
  • Secure Covered Back Pockets prevent you from losing valuables and small gear items!
  • Modern Cut
  • Zippered Lay-Flat Cargo Pocket allows you to store your phone or other valuables without losing them!
  • Odor Resistant
  • Hidden Adjustable Hems help seal out dust from the trail when used with the lace clips, or allow you to tighten the hems to keep them out of your bike chain!
  • Gusseted Crotch ensures comfort and flexibility with performance!
  • Deep Front Pockets allow you to keep any useful tools or valuables with you throughout your day!
  • Japanese Mechanical Stretch Fabric allows you to move without being hindered and stay comfortable while sitting, hiking, standing, or anything else you need to do!

Technical Specs

 Fabric Japanese Mechanical Stretch
 Vents --
 Weight 13 oz (size 30x30)
 Insulation N/A
 Fill Power N/A
 Fill Weight N/A
 Fit Style Modern Cut
 Color Charcoal, Olive Green, Mud Brown
 Zippers YKK
Warranty Outdoor Vitals Lifetime Warranty


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great all around paints

These pants are perfect on trail and as casual pants. Very comfortable and stylish. I love the boot clip and cinch-able leg hems

Lucus Keppel
Flawless Used Pants

The Satu pants are absolutely comfortable and in great shape, despite having been purchased used. I was really concerned about what "broken in" might be, but they arrived in plastic, perfectly clean, and with no visible problems - I may have gotten lucky, but these pants are exactly what I was hoping for, and buying them used allowed me to spend less than I would have otherwise!

They're great for everyday things, as well as for cycling and hiking. The vents are partially see-through, so my spouse makes fun of me any time I vent the heat at home - but when you're out in the backcountry, it's great to be able to vent as needed!