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Pad Strap


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The Outdoor Vitals Pad Strap enables backpackers to take the next step to making their set up more ultralight.  By using a Top Quilt with a sleeping pad, rather than a traditional sleeping bad, you are able to cut out a considerable amount of weight. The pad straps will keep your topquilt comfortably on top of you all night, with the added ability to cinch it up to you if you so desire.

The reasoning behind this, when you use a sleeping bag, the insulation underneath you becomes compressed, providing no insulation value.  This is why it is so important to have the correct sleeping pad in accordance to the weather and conditions for your adventure.  In cold temperatures you will want an insulated sleeping pad to provide you that insulation that you will need.

The Outdoor Vitals pad strap is compatible with most sleeping pads on the market, and the straps will connect to any Outdoor Vitals TopQuilt and Underquilt.

Technical Specs:

  • Weight .4 oz
  • Adjustable length 9" to 36" or 18" to 72" Diameter
  • Strong buckles cut down on weight, but hold up to high pull tensions

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