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Fortius 2p Trekking Pole Backpacking Tent

When we set out to design the trekking pole tent, we wanted to make something truly ultralight, & definitely much more lightweight than freestanding tents - which require tent poles. However, many ultralight trekking pole tents already available just don’t hold up in some of the environments that we often find ourselves in, such as on the Uinta Highline Trail in the middle of a violent wind, snow, & lightning storm. 

So we made a more versatile trekking pole tent that is actually ‘storm worthy’, giving you more options for pitching when it comes to direction, site selection, and reinforcement against the elements. With multiple “storm points” around the tent and extra-long detachable stake lines, you can customize the set up of your tent to really handle any of your adventures. 

We chose Nylon due to it's extra strength over polyester. To reach our target weight and performance goals we chose this vs a 20D or heavier polyester with similar strength. In our own field testing, simply setting up your tent and then retensioning it 20-30 minutes later has solved any potential sagging issues that Nylon is commonly known for. We recommend using the head and foot guy out points for added livable space. This also helps with any kind of sagging.

This tent is meant for the wild & intense adventures, not just the mild sunny meadows (although it will work GREAT there too!) 

Not only that, but we made sure the Fortius had plenty of usable space, with large protective vestibules by the doors to keep your pack & other gear sheltered and safe WITHOUT leaving you feeling claustrophobic inside your tent. You can sit up fully and feel totally comfortable while laying down. No fabric right in your face!

The Name:

Fortius - the meanings we take with that name are refuge, stronghold, & last stand from bad weather.  This tent was meant for the rugged backcountry “full experience” - without weighing you down & filling up your pack!  With it, you can have complete confidence that you’ll stay sheltered no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

Total Weight (w/ all cords, 8 stakes, stuff sack):  2 lbs 2.5 oz (978.1 g)


Seam taped floor and fly

2 door

6 storm points, 2 end panel guylines, 2.5 mm cord.

2 quick-detach guylines, 2.5 mm cord.

2 interior hanging loops

Corners stake out lines use Lineloc 3 tensioners, 2.5 mm cord.  Additional lower lines included.

Catenary cut fly


  • Floor Length: 224 cm / 88 in.
  • Floor Width: 122 cm / 48 in. (DOES fit two 25 in. wide pads)
  • Vestibule / Door Width: 90 cm / 35 in.
  • Peak Height: 118 cm / 46 in.
  • Max Exterior Width (door to door): 302 cm / 119 in.
  • Total Exterior Length: 272 cm / 107 in. 
  • Fabric:  floor & fly - 15 D sil / PU micro-ripstop nylon, 1,500 mm HH
  • Fabric:  front and rear wall - mesh - 10D no-see-um nylon mesh
  • YKK # 3 zippers - interior door
  • YKK # 5 zippers - exterior door
  • Stuff Sack Size (Uncompressed): 13 in. x 7 in.
  • Compressed Size: 5.5 in. x 7 in.
  • Warranty: Outdoor Vitals Performance Promise



Watch video instructions  on how to set up your Fortius Trekking Pole Tent below:

Fortius Features

Designing The Fortius

Fortius Testing

Fortius Q&A

Fortius Trekking Pole Tent

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Sandee Niles
This tent could literally save my life!

I am headed on a thru-hike of the Florida Trail today. I was testing gear for my trip in a thunderstorm here in Pensacola, FL. My old tent failed miserably. Everything got soaked, and the temperatures dropped down to 56 degrees (hey, that's cold in Florida). I invested in the Fortius 2P and retested all of my gear during a severe thunderstorm. The Fortius did AMAZING! I stayed warm and completely dry. It is also 1/2 the weight of my original tent, so extra bonus!

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Tyson Kingsbury
Loved it

Absolutely loved it. Super easy to set up and lots of room. Was just in the elk hills of Colorado and was hit with a severe thunderstorm first day using it and no leaks. Had condensation everyday but I think all single wall tents are like that.

Dave B
Great T Pole Tent At A Reasonable Price

Ultralight, easy to set up. No it’s not dyneema but you could buy three of these for the cost of one made of wonder fabric and it serves well.


I have set this up for practice a few times already. Very easy set up. Looking forward to hitting the trails with it soon.

Just awesome

I already owned a Fortius One person tent and I use that for longer thru hikes where weight savings is a premium and I'm usually just sleeping, packing up and moving on. But there is not a lot of room in that tent for 'living' so I also purchased a two person version for the majority of my camping where we might stay a few days after backpacking in. Having the extra vestibule, more room inside for my gear, a place to get out of the rain or snow, complete pass-thru ventilation all made the two person a no-brainer. Just a few oz. more than the one and camping life is so much nicer. In hindsight I likely could have just purchased the two and been done, but I like supporting OV and I like having the option when I really need to save any weight I can. Of course, you need a bigger footprint to set up the two so take that into consideration. But I love them both! I will see how much I like pulling my trekking poles out and collapsing the tent when I go on day hikes and I may end up buying the carbon fibre poles so I can leave the tent set up.