Outdoor Vitals Sleeping Bag Liner
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Outdoor Vitals Sleeping Bag Liner

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  • Stay Warmer and Pack Lighter: Our micro polyester fabric weights only a few ounces, but can add another layer of insulation and warmth to your night’s sleep!
  • Keeps Your Sleeping Bag Cleaner: When the insulation in your sleeping bag is cleaner, it performs better keeping you warmer. By using our sleeping bag liners, you keep your sleeping bag clean of dirt, sweat and other debris. This means your bag stays cleaner and warmer for longer! Oh, and you can easily machine wash the liner whenever needed!
  • Feels Like Home: Even though our technical Micro Polyester fabric is built be extremely tough and wick away moisture, it still feels like the sheets off your bed! Climb into the liner and feel like your back in the comfort of your own bed!
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty: Here at Outdoor Vitals we want you to get the high quality products you deserve. That's why we offer all our customers a lifetime warranty on all products!!


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We believe everyone should be able to enjoy the outdoors in ultralight & ultra high quality gear. Because of that, we created a totally new business to make sure more people get that chance! We cut out retail mark ups, excessive overhead and other expenses that drive up the costs, so that we can bring you the most affordable outdoor gear available!

Outdoor Vitals Sleeping Bag Liners are made with premium micro polyester fabric to ensure high levels of durability. The fabric wicks away moisture and dries extremely fast in case you sweat during the night or get into the liner wet from crossing a stream! The extra layer of insulation also is great for adding a few degrees of warmth to the bag or allowing you to vent while not completely freezing that section of your body! At a weight of only 8oz it’s well worth packing to keep you cleaner, dryer, warmer and give you that extra comfortable feel of home!

Now you can have all the benefits of $40-60 sleeping bag liner for under $20!

Product Features

  • Quick drying micro polyester fabric is both comfortable and effective and allows you to easily air out your liner if it gets wet from sweat, condensation, or foul weather.
  • Moisture wicking capabilities keeps you dry and comfortable even if you sweat or have damp clothing.
  • Keeps your sleeping bag more clean, reducing the need to wash your sleeping bag. This keeps your sleeping bag in better condition and helps it last longer and insulate more effectively!
  • Feels like a bed sheet, giving you the comfort of sleeping at home while enjoying the beauty, thrill, and satisfaction of sleeping outdoors on your adventures!

Technical Specs

 Temperature Rating NA
 Weight Rectangular: 7.6oz
Mummy: 7 oz
Sack: 0.4 oz
 Fabric Premium, quick drying Micro Polyester.
 Carry Bag Included
 Size Rectangular: 80" x 32"
Mummy: 80" x 32" 
 Gender Unisex
 Warranty Outdoor Vitals Lifetime Warranty

    Live Ultralight with Outdoor Vitals

    Outdoor Vitals challenges outdoor enthusiasts to “Live Ultralight” through use of premium ultralight products that cut down on waste. Living Ultralight means using premium gear that works in any weather, is easy to pack and won’t slow you down. It means buying less quantity to fill up our earth’s landfills and buying more quality products that are ready for all your adventures. Join with us and start living an Ultralight life full of adventure!

    Quality products come down to three simple points, quality components, quality manufacturing and quality designs. We work tirelessly to source only the finest quality fabrics and insulation, develop personal relationships with our manufacturing partners and field test every piece of gear, for a finished trail proven and ready product!

    We also know that we've been fortunate while others have not so we donate 1% of revenues to sustainable poverty projects around the world.

    Start Living Ultralight now so you can hike more, go further and see the world!

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