Ventus Active Hoodie - Women's

Ventus- named from the Latin origin word for ‘wind’, this lightweight insulated active hoodie vents incredibly well all while maintaining its static insulation properties.

  • Ultralight Weight & Packability: At just 7 oz, the Ventus is half the weight of other comparable insulated hoodies. This mid layer can do more for you while weighing less & packing down to the size of a grapefruit.
  • Body-Mapped Breathability & Reactive Warmth: This is enabled through perforated armpit vents, targeted insulation placement, and actively breathable 3DeFX insulation. 3DeFX stretches with you as you move, allowing more heat to pass through when you need to vent. When not in motion, the insulation maximizes loft for more warmth. Stay the perfect temperature regardless of your activity levels!
  • Motion Oriented Design: Not only does the insulation stretch with you, but the durable 2-Way Stretch Nylon will also give you freedom of motion for a wide range of activities.
  • Simple With Style: The sleek design, subtle branding, and athletic fit all contribute to a versatile hoodie that looks good in any application. 

For backpackers, mountain bikers, snowshoers, & adventurers on the go, The Ventus Active Hoodie is a must-have. Experience the outdoors more comfortably with the insulated outdoor hoodie that offers warmth without the weight.

7 oz (Size Medium)


3DeFX Insulation that stretches with you and creates maximum loft and warmth

20D Ripstop Nylon is durable and keeps the hoodie ultralight

Body-Mapped Insulation Placement allows the hoodie to vent more for the areas of your torso that are typically the hottest

YKK 1/4 Zipper allows for easy on and off and increased venting

Perforated Underarm Vents are one of the most breathable areas on the hoodie, giving you max comfort

Drop Back Hem that keeps you covered whether you are sitting or on the move

Stretch Cuffs make sure the hoodie fits well while giving the hoodie a simple, sleek look

Insulated Hood moves with your head without blocking vision 

Lightweight coatings allow the Ventus to also act as a wind breaker and stay water resistant

Thumb Loops help you keep your sleeves from bunching when you are laying another jacket over the Ventus Hoodie

Hidden Inner Pocket allows you to easily pack down the hoodie while not in use

Athletic Cut gives the hoodie a sleek appearance

Subtle Branding is unobtrusive and gives the hoodie a sleek appearance


  • Insulation: 25 g/m2 3DeFX active stretch insulation
  • Shell Fabric: 20D Ripstop Nylon DWR treated
  • Inner Fabric: 20D Ripstop Nylon
  • Color: Black, Blue, Olive
  • Gender: Male, Female
  • Zippers: YKK
  • Fit: Athletic - the Ventus should fit fairly close to skin. You should only be able to wear a base layer or light shirt beneath it.
  • Tall Size Fit: tall sizes are approximately 2 inches longer in the sleeves & 2 inches taller in the torso.
  • Warranty: Outdoor Vitals Performance Promise

Cleaning: Machine wash cold, use mild detergent, airdry

Layering Collection: Kinetic

Layering Category: Active Insulation

Product Care

Your Ventus Active Hoodie is a high performance piece of gear. It needs some extra attention to keep it performing at the highest level.

Please read through the care instructions below to ensure that you care for it properly:

Before Washing

  • Never wash your jacket in a washing machine that has an agitator.
  • If you cannot follow either of these prior instructions you should hand wash your jacket using the detergent and drying process described below.

The Wash & Dry Process

  1. Use a mild detergent like Dreft (for babies) or Nikwax (for technical gear).
  2. Choose Low Spin or Delicate wash.
  3. Choose Cold Wash & Cold Rinse.
  4. Hang dry until the jacket is completely dry.
  5. Then loft and redistribute your insulation in the dryer by running it for 10 minutes on low or no heat with 3 dryer balls.

For more information on caring for your gear please visit https://outdoorvitals.com/pages/care-guide-faq


3DeFX Technology

Four types of spiral-shaped fibers are intertwined to give 3DeFX insulation more loft and stretchability than traditional microfiber synthetic insulations. This insulation stretches with you as you move, allowing heat to escape & keeping you at the perfect temperature!

When active, your body motion stretches the tiny coils of fiber in the insulation.  As the coils are stretched (much like trampoline springs,) the 3DeFX insulation is less lofty & more heat is allowed to pass through. 

As soon as you stop moving, those tiny insulation fibers coil back up and create maximum loft in the insulation.

Basically what this means is that you get a warmer insulation that weighs less & helps regulate temperature.

Features & Capabilities

We've made sure to add all your favorite features to maximize warmth, utility, coverage, and design. The features of the Ventus Active Hoodie will allow you to adapt to many different types of adventures!

Additional Details

View these video resources for more details about the Ventus materials, insulation, features, & design.

Ultralight Stretch Technology

3DeFX™ Insulation

Utilizing the new innovative3DeFX Insulationwe were able to create a hoodie that weighs only half of what other traditional insulated hoodies weigh while retaining high warmth value and active body-mapped breathability!

More Warmth, Less Weight

Weighing just 7 oz, the Ventus is warmer than any traditional cotton or fleece hoodie.

At the same time it's also incredibly breathable when you need that instead!

the Ventus vs others

Here's how the Ventus compares to other popular warmth layers.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Rachel Whelton
Nice jacket

I have been using the Ventus here in New Hampshire since getting it this winter. I am 5'9" and got the XL, which fits well and allows me to layer two base layers underneath. The Ventus feels like a lightweight fluff of poof. I was skeptical of how much warmth it would offer and thought it might be best in warmer seasons. However I am using it on active days for walks and hikes. I like how it stays aloft. I like the armpit tiny holes that vent some body heat. I like the nicely fitted hood. I like the length in body and sleeves. I like the deep front zip. It certainly is packable. It offers decent wind protection and lightweight warmth over base layers but it not a substitute for my big down puffy jackets. I wish it had a loop at the inside neck so I could hang it on my coat pegs instead of a hanger. I wish it had a pocket but I understand it is more ultralight without. I like the sleek appearance of it in the black color. Overall it is quite nice and I look forward to using it in the shoulder season, where it might be at its most useful.

Rose Herrera
I love this

I held off buying but finally gave in and I’m so glad I did. It is the perfect winter layer to keep me cozy but not overheating and held up wonderfully on my back packing trips and trips to the store.

Great hoodie

I bought this for my wife for a Valentine's gift. She loves it. It’s true to size and she says it’s warm and that she’s very excited to use on this years shoulder season backpacking trips and at night in the summer. Thanks for the great product!

Annette Husick

My first & favorite OV purchase. This garment is so versatile. I have many fleeces & shells & always wear this one. It’s comfortable in many temperatures & conditions. May buy another one to rotate in.
I always wear it on a descent & feel great. It’s my “go downhill” jacket!

lynn galligan
Love it.

In the winter I run cold, I'm always a three layer person. I am really amazed that I am comfortable with one base and the hoodie in the low 30's. We haven't been in the 20's yet where I live but I look forward to seeing how low it'll will go before I break out the puffy.