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The Atlas LoftTek™ Hybrid sleeping bag is the most ultralight advanced synthetic sleeping bag in the world. The hybrid insulation allows you to handle the moisture of all kinds without failure and have complete confidence in your gear's reliability!

This is all made possible by our LoftTek™ insulation that looks, acts and feels like down, but has a siliconized coating causing water to drain out of the insulation. This in conjunction with 800+ FP hydrophobic coated down creates a state of the art synergy balancing insulation stability and moisture resistance! We put this insulation into a jacket and raised almost a million dollars in pre-sales, so we decided to put it into our sleeping bags as well!

Whether you like the confidence of synthetic insulation or face extreme moisture that down insulation can't handle, the Atlas LoftTek™ Hybrid bag is something you won't regret!

Temperature: -15 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit (-17°C to -26°C)


Regular: 2 lb 6.2oz (600 g Fill)
Long: 2 lbs 2.6 oz ( 660 g Fill)
Carry Sack: 3.7 oz

Regular: 2 lb 9.5 oz (850 g Fill)
Long: 2 lbs 12 oz (925 g Fill)
Carry Sack: 3.7 oz

Regular: 3 lb 4 oz (1150 g Fill)
Long: 3 lbs 7 oz (1230 g Fill)
Carry Sack: 3.7 oz

Regular: 4 lbs 1 oz (1545 g Fill)
Long: 4 lbs 7 oz (1700 g Fill)
Carry Sack: 3.7 oz


A combined fill power of 650+ that will keep you warm and your pack light so you can more fully focus on your adventures!

Utilizes 80% LoftTek synthetic loose-fill insulation with 20% DWR treated 800+ fill power down to make the most advanced synthetic in the world! This means you will stay warm with fully lofted insulation even if your sleeping bag gets wet!

Dries quickly if somehow damp, so not only will you be warm after a situation with moisture, but you'll soon be dry again as well!

Compresses to small sizes like traditional down bags so you can have space for the rest of your gear, which will allow you to enjoy timeless moments without worrying if you brought everything you need!


  • Shell: 20 Denier Ripstop Nylon with VitalDry™ DWR
  • Lining: 20 Denier Ripstop Nylon
  • Insulation Type: 80% LoftTek™ Synthetic & 20% Down
  • Down Fill: 800+ Fill Power StormLoft™ DWR Treated Down (IDFL Certified & RDS Sourced)
  • YKK Zipper Location: Center (anti-snag zippers)
  • Sleeping Bag Shape: Mummy
  • Shoulder Girth: (Regular 64in) (Long 68in)
  • Length: 75" & 81"
  • Stuff Sack Size: 18 x 9.5 inches (uncompressed for -15º bags)
  • Warranty: Outdoor Vitals Performance Promise

Product Care

Your Atlas Hybrid LoftTek Sleeping Bag is a high performance piece of gear. It needs some extra attention to keep it performing at the highest level.

Please read through the care instructions below to ensure that you care for it properly:

Before Washing

  • Always wash your down product completely alone to prevent down migration.
  • Never wash your down product in a washing machine that has an agitator.
  • If you cannot follow either of these prior instructions you should hand wash your sleeping bag using the detergent and drying process described below.

The Wash & Dry Process

  1. Use a mild detergent like Dreft (for babies) or Nikwax (for technical gear).
  2. Choose Low Spin or Delicate wash.
  3. Choose Cold Wash & Cold Rinse.
  4. Hang dry until the product is completely dry.
  5. Then loft and redistribute your down insulation in the dryer by running it for 10 minutes on low or no heat with 3 dryer balls.

Long Term Storage

  • Do not store your down product compressed long term. Long term compression weakens the insulation's ability to loft and therefore insulate.
  • We recommend hanging it in your closet or putting it in a pillow case for storage between uses.​

For more information on caring for your gear please visit https://outdoorvitals.com/pages/care-guide-faq

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Brent Marshall
Atlas 15* (13) days on the Arizona trail in November

I recently returned from a 13-day bikepacking trip on the Arizona trail SOBO with the Atlas 15* bag. I can say, without a doubt, this bag is legit. This is not the lightest or most compact 15*bag out there, but it just works as intended. I had two experiences that proved the bags worth without question. The first was south of Flagstaff close to Marshall Lake when I was so tired, I decided to forgo my bivvy sack and just sleep in the open in my bag. I woke up around 2am to pee and realized that my bag and everything else was covered in dew and completely wet. I laid in my bag realizing that my trip may well be done if all of my equipment was wet beyond drying in a reasonable amount of time. Not only that, but I was also just waiting for the wetness to sink all the way through the bag and freeze me---never happened. Not only did I stay warm and dry inside the bag-- when I woke up and hung the bag in a tree to dry, it was dry before I finished my second cup of coffee. I was sold. The second instance was during an unexpected early morning rainstorm that caused my overpriced (big name) bivvy bag to fail letting water inside and drenching my bag--once again, never got cold. This time I had to get a room and dry out all of my gear as it was a wet and muddy mess. My atlas bag dried quickly and was again ready for another weeks' worth of cowboy camp action. The temps never dipped below 20*, so I didn't get to test the limits of comfort, but it got cold and I was always wet with sweat and my core temp was always dangerously low by the time I called it a day (9p) every night. This bag was my home for 13 nights, exposed and in the cold desert environment. It proved itself with no doubts. The compression sack, I threw it away 2 days into the trip, not because it failed, but because it was unnecessary. I just crammed the bag in my front dry bag every night along with the rest of my sleep system. Atlas bag is proven.

Judson Murdock
Not great for backpacking

This is the lofti tech one so it’s synthetic mostly, which means it’s a bit heavier and bulky, the compression bag is terrible also

Cool feature that I use it for!

This bag is just awesome, it’s a bit bigger and heavier but if you’re getting a bag this warm it will be a little heavier, but what I noticed you can do with it is flip it upside down and use it as a quilt!!

Donald Kyle
Good value

This bag would be perfect for some but I’ve decided the full down is worth the extra money so that I can shed some weight and some volume. Just waiting for the store credit to hit so I can order the full down bag.


Compression bag for this was faulty when received. Took sleeping bag purr of compression bag and section holding handle ripped off in my hands. Come to find out the bag that they shipped this in has been discontinued. No wonder. They offered and shipped a dry bag, and are calling it a compression bag. It’s not even close.
I had waited for over a year to be able to purchase this sleeping bag as well as quilt, and am quite disappointed in the quality of the compression bag.
Please don’t get me wrong. The quality of the quilt as well as the atlas is impeccable, but to get a dry bag they’ve labeled a compression bag just left me not feeling good about this brand anymore.