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Why we need to take care of sleeping bags
How to store a sleeping bag
How to stuff a sleeping bag & not break any straps
How to wash and care for your sleeping bag
After purchasing make sure to register your product for its Lifetime Warranty. 

Why We Need To Take Care Of Sleeping Bags

In these videos we wanted to teach our customers how to take care of their sleeping bags so they can enjoy the outdoors better and save money! Follow along to find out more info that will :
- Make your sleeping bag stay warmer
- Make your sleeping bag last longer
- Help you avoid breaking your sleeping bag
- Help get rid of frustration

How To Store A Sleeping Bag

Never leave your sleeping bag compacted down in the compression bag! All sleeping bags get their warmth from the amount that they loft or fluff up when they are out of their storage bags. By leaving your bag in its compression bag you will ruin the properties it has to fluff or loft up and essentially your bag will no longer be as warm as it is rated for!

So how do you store the sleeping bag? Simply pull it out of your compression bag and store it in a pillow case, a larger bag, or hang it up in a closet with its hanging hooks.Make sure to make sure the bag is dried out from moisture and any loose debris is shaken from the bag before storage. For more on this, see our How To Care For And Wash Your Sleeping Bag video below.


How To Stuff A Sleeping Bag & Not Break Any Straps

In this video we teach you exactly how to compress a sleeping bag down and fit it into it's stuff sack. We also cover how to compress the bag once you've fit it into its compression bag.

First, your going to gently roll the sleeping bag up pushing the air out slowly.

Second, tuck it under your arm and get your compression sack ready. Push the sleeping bag into the compression sack making sure to get it all the way to the bottom of the sack.

Third, its time to compress the bag and sack safely. To do this you need to use your body weight and NOT yank on the straps. Gently put your body weight onto the sleeping bag compressing the bag down. Once its compressed with your body weight simply pull the compression straps gently to snug them up. This will eliminate breaking your straps and actually get the sleeping bag smaller and tighter than you could by pulling on the straps!

How To Wash & Care For Your Sleeping Bag

In this video we cover how to wash your sleeping bag both with a machine washer and a bath tub. We also cover how to avoid washing your sleeping bags as much as possible as it isn't very good for sleeping bags to be washed frequently!

When machine washing sleeping bags make sure you put them on low heat for both the washer and the dryer. If they are down sleeping bags don't use laundry detergent unless you get down specific laundry detergent. When you put them into the dryer throw some tennis balls in with them as this will help break up any clump of down or synthetic fill.

To avoid washing sleeping bags the best thing you can do is us a sleeping bag liner! This will help regulatate your tempurature when using the bag, but most importantly it will keep dirt and debris from getting on or in your sleeping bag. It will also absorb any sweating that may occur and oils from your skin.

Next make sure you air out your sleeping bag after every use to keep it from being stored with any moisture in the bag

After purchasing make sure to register your product for its Lifetime Warranty

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