Our Tribe


Live Ultralight

Outdoor Vitals challenges outdoor enthusiasts to “Live Ultralight” through use of premium ultralight products that eliminate waste.

Outdoor Vitals focuses on designing premium ultralight products that are comfortable and multi-functional. Our high standards of quality and versatility keep customers from buying multiple items or replacing gear to often. Living Ultralight means buying less quantity and getting higher quality!


No Excessive Markups

We specifically don't sell through retail stores to avoid their additional markups on gear!

This is a hard thing to do for us as a business, but saves you 40% or more on your purchases! It's all a part of our vision to Open The Outdoors to everyone! 


Help Others

We donate 1% of all revenues to help those in need in developing countries.

When Tayson was younger he spent a couple years in Malaysia. While there, he developed a love for the people that still runs through him today.
Since then, he has wanted to help those in the most need, where ever they may live. This passion now runs through our entire OV Team!



The OV-Tribe

The OV Tribe Joins With Us In Living Ultralight.

They know what we stand for (as listed on this page) and want to stand for those values as well. They follow us via email or YouTube and get to take hands on part of our journey. We often ask them for feedback on products or offer new products to them at discounts for feedback. They are those that want to Live Ultralight!

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