front view of men's red & gray ultralight rain jacketTushar Rain Jacket

Tushar Rain Jacket

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Tushar Rain Jackets

Ultralight, Durable, Breathable

With body-mapped fabric technology, the Tushar Rain Jacket will give you increased waterproofing and durability in areas where there is high pressure (like where your backpack & shoulder straps sit), while also giving you better breathability in your torso and underarms PLUS the ability to use underarm vents.

Torain® Waterproof Technology

Higher Performance Inside & Out

Our fabric has passed the “10 year Jungle Test” with flying colors - meaning that after the equivalent of 10 years of constant use and exposure, there were no signs of degradation in the fabric or seams we use in the Tushar Rain Jacket!

Wear IT All Day

The Tushar Rain Jacket is something you can truly rely on during your adventures. You don’t have to worry so much about snags & tears, but can still enjoy the ultralight weight. You will stay totally dry during even all-day storms, and still be able to breathe.

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Tushar Rain Jackets

Durable, Breathable, Ultralight

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