(USED) DragonWool Hoodie

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Rock Solid- 

Rock Solid items are GRADE A USED items ranging from open-box returns to lightly used but still close to original quality. A very small repair, scuff or snag may be present in some cases but the overall appearance is like new.

Broken In- 

Broken In items are GRADE B USED items that are lightly to moderately used. They have been used and washed multiple times. There may be a noticeable repair, discoloration, snag or pick on the item that is in otherwise great condition.

Trail Worn-

Trail Worn items are GRADE C USED items have been well used but retain full functionality. Easily visible repairs or issues (that do not affect performance) are present. Dirt, stains, snags, or other wear and tear will be present but the item will get the job done.


Used Product Warranty Disclaimer- All Used Products sold by OV have been inspected for Manufacturing & Materials Defects and have been found to be free of any need for a warranty claim. Due to this inspection there shouldn't be any cause for claims inside of our Product Lifetime Warranty offered for New products.

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Original Product Description


Built With The Most Advanced Performance Fabric: NuYarn DragonWool™ is warmer, lighter, smoother, softer, longer-lasting, stays warm even when wet, and dries 4x faster than normal Merino wool!

Dries 4 Times Faster: DragonWool utilizes the highest quality merino wool against your skin to wick moisture away from your body, and then the jersey face polyester quickly pulls that moisture from the wool and evaporates it into the air!

Actively Breathable: DragonWool keeps you warm when you need to be, and lets you breath and cool when you are active! Merino wool and the jersey face polyester materials are woven together to form one fabric- it's not bonded together, but woven together to create a synergy that actively cools or warms your body with different activity levels! 

50+ UPF Rating: DragonWool also protects you from the sun, blocking out more than 98% of harmful UV-A and UV-B rays as you tackle your daily adventures!

All Sizing In Mens - Women Please Use Chart Below For Ording

*note- DragonWool is a performance first fabric and not designed for excessive abrasion.



The DragonWool Hoodie is the perfect layer for any adventure, whether you're needing a more versatile sun shirt option, or a performance base layer to regulate moisture and temperature.  With the moisture-wicking & temperature regulating capabilites built into the hoodie along with the soft feel of high quality merino wool against your skin, you won't find a better baselayer for your adventures!

Start "Living Ultralight" by utilizing the DragonWool Hoodie and simplifying your gear. Adventures take you from mountain peaks to flying around the world! When you want to focus on where you are, it's important to have versatile, functional gear. Take less and see more with the DragonWool Hoodie!


Product Features

  • NuYarn DragonWool combines patented no-spin merino wool and a jersey-face polyester to create the most advanced performance fabric to be used in a baselayer! Warm when wet, quick drying, odor resistant, and breathable!
  • 1/3 Length Zipper allows for ease while getting the hoodie on or off, and allows you to ventilate more when needed!
  • Hood keeps you more covered and protected from cold, wind, or sun!
  • Thumbholes allow you to keep more of your hands covered for added warmth!
  • Drop Back keeps you warm and covered even while sitting!
  • 50+ UPF Rating protects your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. 
  • Odor Resistant Properties of merino wool helps prevent bacterial buildup and odor, even on multi-day trips!
  • Dries 4x Faster than merino wool with the synergistic weave of DragonWool combining jersey face polyester with patented merino wool!
  • Actively Breathable while in motion, allowing you to cool off while working up a sweat!

Technical Specs

 Fabric DragonWool™
 Blend 59% Merino, 31% Polyester, 10% Nylon
 Weight 12 oz (size Medium)
 Fabric Weight 200 GSM
 Fit Style Athletic Cut
 Color Charcoal, Green, Blue
 Zippers YKK
Warranty Outdoor Vitals Lifetime Warranty
 Cleaning Machine Wash Cold, Use Wool Wash or Mild Detergent, Air Dry

View the videos below to learn more about our DragonWool Hoodie and its features!

Enjoy the same ultra-softness, heat regulation, odor resistance, and moisture wicking ability of Merino wool heightened by the smooth, advanced, lightweight DragonWool™ weave.


  • NuYarn DragonWool™
  • 1/3 length zipper
  • Hooded
  • Thumbholes in sleeves
  • Drop back

50+UPF Rating

Our DragonWool Hoodie boasts a 50+ UPF rating to protect you from the sun and ultraviolet rays. Block out more than 98% of harmful UV-A and UV-B rays as you tackle your daily adventures.

More Warmth When It Matters

Our hoodie is amazing at trapping more heat when worn in layers. Stay extra toasty when it’s chilly out and throw on the hood for even more warmth if you need it.

Actively Breathable

Not only is the DragonWool Hoodie great at heat regulation, but it’s also powerfully breathable. As you get more active throughout the day, the hoodie lets air circulate through and can be worn as an outer layer to help you cool down without worry.

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Outdoor Vitals challenges outdoor enthusiasts to “Live Ultralight” through use of premium ultralight products that cut down on waste. Living Ultralight means using premium gear that works in any weather, is easy to pack and won’t slow you down. It means buying less quantity to fill up our earth’s landfills and buying more quality products that are ready for all your adventures. Join with us and start living an Ultralight life full of adventure!

Quality products come down to three simple points, quality components, quality manufacturing and quality designs. We work tirelessly to source only the finest quality fabrics and insulation, develop personal relationships with our manufacturing partners and field test every piece of gear, for a finished trail proven and ready product!

We also know that we've been fortunate while others have not so we donate 1% of revenues to sustainable poverty projects around the world.

Start Living Ultralight now so you can hike more, go further and see the world!


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