Outdoor Vitals Men's Ultralight LoftTek Jacket - Portable, Athletic Fit, Warm when Wet, DWR Treated, Hooded
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Outdoor Vitals Men's Ultralight LoftTek Jacket - Portable, Athletic Fit, Warm when Wet, DWR Treated, Hooded




  • Stay Warm Even When Wet: LoftTek™ is the world's most advanced synthetic down imitation. The loose fill nature of the fibers mimics down’s extreme weight to warmth ratios and packability, while it’s synthetic nature allows it to stay warm in wet conditions!
  • Designed For Adventure: Adventures take you from mountain peaks to flying around the world! When you want to focus on where you are, it's important to have light, functional gear. Take less and see more with the LoftTek™ adventure jacket!
  • Versatile For Any Situation: You can be both efficient and keep your style while out on your adventures.  Whether in the big city, or up on the peak of a mountain, you'll stay warm, comfortable, and look great no matter the conditions!
  • Million Dollar Jacket: Thousands have already purchased, used, and loved this jacket! See why we call it the "Million Dollar Jacket!"
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty: Here at Outdoor Vitals we want you to get the high-quality products you deserve. That's why we offer all our customers a lifetime warranty on all products!


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 The Million Dollar Jacket!

We didn’t hold back on any features. We didn’t design it to hit a price point for a shelf in a store, but rather to be the most versatile ultralight jacket out there. Most jackets don’t have all of the features we do. If they did, they would be $200 - $300 jackets. This jacket has all the features you need without the heavy price tag.

The LoftTek™ Adventure Jacket has raised over $1,000,000 in just a few short months on Kickstarter and Indiegogo with almost 7,000 backers!  Now we want to make it available here as well!

This jacket has been tested and proven for quality and performance! We're not the only ones that can tell you so! 


Due to Athletic Cut Of The Jacket, Currently They Run 1 Size Small!
We Advise All Purchasers To Size Up!

Due to Athletic Cut Of The Jacket, Currently They Run 1 Size Small!
We Advise All Purchasers To Size Up!

Technical Specs

 Shell 20 Denier Ripstop Nylon with VitalDry™ DWR Coating
 Lining 10 Denier Ripstop Nylon
 Weight 11.5 oz (medium)
 Insulation LoftTek Siliconized Hollow Fiber Synthetic. 185 Grams of fill.
 Fill Power 525 Fill Power 
 Fit Style Athletic Cut
 Color Charcoal or Blue
 Zipper YKK
Warranty Outdoor Vitals Lifetime Warranty

All The Features You Need

  • Packs Into Own Pocket: Easily transport or store the jacket in it's own left pocket! Simply flip the pocket inside out while stuffing the jacket inside, and zip closed. Use it when you need it, and pack it away when you don't! Also use the jacket as a pillow when it's packed away!
  • High Neck: Stay warm by sealing in the heat around your neck! When zipped up fully, the LoftTek Adventure Jacket goes all the way up to your chin for warmth and comfort.
  • Underarm Vents: If you start getting too warm but it's still cold out, you can unzip the underarm vents and immediately release heat to stabilize your temperature.
  • Insulated, 2-Way Adjustable Hood: No matter which direction you turn your head, you can keep the hood out of your peripherals and see clearly by adjusting the fit of the hood to your head.
  • Adjustable Hem: Lock in heat by fitting the hem of the jacket to your hips and waist. No need to worry about cord ends hanging down, excess cord will be stored in the front pockets!
  • Water Repellent Shell: The treated shell makes it difficult to get the jacket wet. Water just beads up and rolls off! If the jacket does get wet, the insulation stays lofted and continues to insulate.  
  • Insulated, Zippered Pockets: Keep your hands warm in the insulated pockets. When combined with the thumbholes, you're hands will stay cozy! Also keep your valuables from being lost by zipping them securely into these pockets! 
  • Breathable: because it's not a down jacket, there's no need for the extra down proof coating, thus making it more breathable. 
  • Athletic Fit & Drop Back: The athletic cut and drop back of the jacket keep you looking great no matter where you are. The drop back allows you to sit while keeping your rear and back fully covered.
  • Thumbholes: Keep your hands warm while still using your fingers and thumbs by using the reinforced thumbholes in the sleeves!




How It Works

Our LoftTek Adventure Jackets boast the innovative LoftTek insulation, which has the perks of down combined with the perks of being a synthetic. You can completely soak this jacket and it will still insulate! 

Unlike down, LoftTek uses siliconized fibers that dry quickly and always stay lofted for optimal warmth - even when wetYou get the ultralight warmth and packability of down and the versatility and moisture advantages of syntheticYou won't need to worry about sweat, moisture, or fowl weather any more with the LoftTek Adventure Jacket! Check out the comparison with a down jacket: 

LoftTek Combines The Best Of Both Worlds: Taking all the perks of down and combining them with the perks of synthetic insulation is exactly what we've done! Now you can enjoy your adventures with your jacket weighing next to nothing and taking up minimal space, and it will keep you warm when completely soaked!

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