Hammock Suspension System
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Hammock Suspension System


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What if hammocks & suspensions systems didn't have to weigh 2+ pounds? Well, they don't! The new Outdoor Vitals Ultralight Solo Hammock packages together the lightest weight suspension system with premium materials to offer a 4.8oz suspension system with 6-foot tree straps. 

Many people are switching to hammock camping to save weight, but don't realize that if you don't buy the right hammock system, they might not be saving weight at all. The goal of any camper should be to shave weight when they can to enjoy the outdoors more.

We designed the hammock system to utilize the strongest, lightest fabrics possible. Dyneema™ rope is widely known for it's extreme strength to weight ratios. Threading this into a whoopie sling creates the perfect mix of ultralight and fully adjustable! The polyester seat belt fabric tree huggers are low impact for any trees your hanging from, but remain extremely tough to handle the bark of some of those old trees. 

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